Freycinet and The East Coast

Wineglass Bay Freycinet National Park Tasmania

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Tasmania – A Unique State Full of Adventure

Discovering the East Coast

Tasmania is one of Australia’s most unique states, offering endless adventure for every type of traveler. The East Coast, in particular, boasts an array of rugged mountains, lavender farms, historical villages, and scenic drives, making it an absolute beauty.

Driving towards the center of the East Coast will reward you with amazing scenery, and there are a myriad of activities available, such as cruising, diving, surfing, horse riding, fishing, and bushwalking. However, if you just want to take it easy, enjoy some of the many wine and foods available, and you will be relaxed in no time.

Exploring the Coastal Towns

One of the first beach towns you will come across is Orford, also known as the gateway to the East Coast. Orford is great for fishing and swimming, and a trip to Spring Beach is an ideal day trip to add to your itinerary. Maria Island is also another popular hot spot, being a national park with plenty of native birds and wildlife, as well as a variety of spectacular walks to choose from. The convict town of Darlington, located on the island, is also rich in history and is definitely a must-see.

Further north, the lovely town of Swansea is the perfect destination for the family, with many attractions on offer. Kate’s Berry Farm has local fruit and ice creams, and the Wool Centre is educational and a lot of fun for the whole family. With great fishing in Great Oyster Bay and majestic views of the ocean, there are boat tours available to see more of Freycinet National Park.

Exploring the Freycinet Peninsula

To drive the East Coast from the Bay of Fires through to Maria Island, you will be covering over 200 kilometers, which really isn’t that much when you think about it. The best part of this journey would have to be the Freycinet Peninsula, which is regarded as the jewel of the coastal drive. Known as one of the most spectacular regions of Tasmania, and undoubtedly in Australia, it is worth the drive from Hobart or Launceston, and your campervan will make this extra enjoyable.

For all those nature lovers out there, take out your walking shoes and embark on some of the many guided walks available through the Peninsula. Rock climbing is another popular activity here, but most tourists head for Coles or Wineglass Bay. Wineglass Bay is, well, a bay shaped like a wine glass, and is one of the prettiest beaches you could find. Crystal clear waters and pure white sand make it the perfect place for a lovely picnic and to enjoy the pristine views. Sea kayaking is also popular here, as the bay is flat and peaceful, and there are so many places to explore.

Where to Stay

While looking for a place to stay here, you really can’t go better than the Iluka Holiday Centre at Coles Bay. This tourist park offers a great outlook over Great Oyster Bay and the Tasman Sea, making it ideal for beach lovers. Coles Bay is situated on the edge of Freycinet National Park and is a great base for venturing out to the parks, bays, beaches, and lagoons. This is a great place for whale watching, allowing you to relax and unwind with ease.

Bicheno is another great place to visit and is known for its great beaches and diving, and it also has great lookouts. The Freycinet Lookout has great views of the peninsula and surrounds, and also Whalers Lookout gives you some great photographic opportunities. The 3km walk here will take you to the majestic blow hole and there are also fairy penguins tours, deep sea fishing trips and the East Coasts Animal Park is home to the famous Tasmanian devil which will captivate the children.

The entire east coast is appealing in its own right, but Freycinet National Park has a unique beauty for many reasons. The sheer beauty of perfect blue water against deep green trees and vegetation along the sandy shoreline will simply take your breath away. With amazing coastal views and beautiful beaches, it is worth a long stay in this stretch of paradise.

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