29 Reasons to Holiday in a Campervan


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29 Reasons to Holiday in a Campervan

In our humble opinion, a campervan holiday is one of the best ways to travel Australia or New Zealand! If you’re wondering whether to make your next holiday a campervan road trip, it’s your lucky day. We have put together a list 29 reasons to holiday in a campervan.

A campervan is the ultimate getaway vehicle. Whilst all campervans include at least a bed and a kitchenette, you can also hire a campervan that includes a shower, toilet, fridge, microwave, outdoor awning, BBQ, and MORE.

You don’t have to be tied to your plans, in a campervan (especially a self-contained one), you have freedom from schedules.

Change your plans at a moment’s notice… without the worry of hotel bookings and/or cancellation fees. If the weather is better in the South, drive there instead. If you hear about a great event nearby, no problem… re-route and make it happen.

4.Unpack Once
One of the most annoying things about a road-trip is the need to pack up every day as you move from hotel to motel and so on. In a campervan, you will unpack once and call it home for the rest of your holiday.

5.Pet Friendly
Many campervan companies are now pet-friendly, meaning that no family member gets left behind when you go on vacation!

6.Holiday Parks
Enjoy the facilities and activities available when you stop in at a Holiday Park for the night. Campgrounds usually have a mixture of powered and un-powered sites to choose from, depending on what kind of van you hired.

7.Free Camping
Save money and spend some nights in a free camping area. Many still have toilet amenities, and they are also a great last-minute option if you couldn’t book in at a paid site.

8.Save money on meals
Utilise your kitchen on wheels and go shopping for groceries, instead of buying expensive meals. Keep snacks in the cupboard for when you’re feeling peckish, and stop for a picnic… wherever you like!

9.Stress Free Mornings
No hotel check-out line-up, no clean-up, no checking-under-the-bed-in-case-you-left-something-behind. Wake up in the van, all ready to hit the road!

10.Quality time
The perfect way to re-connect with your travelling companions – whether it’s your family, partner or friends. The relaxed style of travelling encourages togetherness, in a set-up where you can play board games, listen to your favourite music, have a sleep-over every night! No one has to be designated driver when you’re already in your accommodation.

11.Great Outdoors
You won’t just get to visit National Parks, you can stay overnight in them! A campervan sets you up to be able to spend time in the wilderness and experience nature up close. Watch fireflies light up the night, and spot nocturnal animals scurrying about in the evening. Wake up to the sounds of nature, with birds singing in the morning.

12.Wildlife Encounters
Many animals are most active between dusk and dawn, which is why hotel dwellers miss out on so many wildlife encounters. Campervan holidays have you immersed in the outdoors, where you have the opportunity to witness native animals in their natural habitat (in the comfort and safety of your home on wheels)!

13.Camp Fires
One of the best parts about camping, but with much more comfort waiting for you than a tent! S’mores anyone?

14.Try Before You Buy
Purchasing a Campervan is a big investment, so before committing to a particular layout, it’s a great idea to take a holiday in one first.

15.Set Your Own Pace
Without the stress of a schedule, pre-planned accommodation reservations and hotel check-in times, you will love setting your OWN pace on a campervan adventure.

16.The Journey is its own destination
In a campervan, the travel between each destination becomes part of the fun, rather than a chore.

Having all your modern conveniences with you throughout the journey, it’s great for any traveller, but especially for families with young kids! Not having to book all your accommodation in advance, having a consistent home base each night, being able to store favourite snacks. The list of conveniences could go on and go.

The idea of comfort can vary from person to person, but that’s why there are so many different van styles. Backpackers may delight in having a basic setup with a bed, and grey nomads might prefer a luxury layout, complete with electric bed, shower, toilet and outdoor BBQ. There is a comfort level to suit every traveller.

19.Wake up to a different view every day
And you get to choose it! Whether you prefer the beach, the desert, the mountains, or the bush.

20.Enjoy Beautiful Sunrises & sunsets
Watching the sunrise or sunset is much easier on a campervan holiday. You’re already out in nature!

21.Inclusions mean less packing
Towels, check. Kitchenware, check. Bedding, check. All the inclusions make packing a breeze.

22.Promotes Spontaneity
Even the most systematic and organised traveller, can’t help but embrace spontaneity on a campervan holiday. So often on vacation, you will see a road sign pointing out a nearby attraction. In a campervan, you can just take the detour… sometimes, the best parts of a holiday are unplanned.

23.Experience the friendliness of the Van Traveller community
If you hire a campervan without a reversing camera, you’ll find out as soon as you pull into the first campsite, just how helpful and friendly the van community is!

24.Enjoy multiple destinations
You don’t have to commit to a single destination on a campervan holiday, you even have the luxury of adding on new ones, while you’re already on the road!

25.Explore Hidden Gems
You may find that your favourite location on a campervan holiday, was one you stumbled across by accident.

26.All weather friendly
The freedom of a campervan allows you to switch up your itinerary to suit the weather. Plus, you have indoor comfort, with no need to pack up your belongings and cart them anywhere if the weather turns bad.

Too often we forget to look up and enjoy the night sky, but you will have plenty of opportunity when your accommodation is parked in the great outdoors!

28.No schedule
Wake up at 8:00am, be on the road at 8:05am. Want to sleep in? Can do! Schedule free bliss.

29.Appreciate minimalism
Packing light on a campervan holiday gives you extra living space, and you quickly learn to embrace the minimalism. You definitely don’t need a lot of “stuff” to enjoy new places and experiences.

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