Walpole – Wonderland Of The Rainbow Coast

Conspicuous Cliff

Walpole is one of those towns that you come across that will surprise and inspire you immediately. It is ideally situated on the south coast of Western Australia and is positioned right where the South Western Highway and the South Coast Highways meet. This makes it easily accessible and the ideal destination for your next driving holiday.

Walpole pleasantly surrounded by the Walpole-Nornalup National Park and the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet System. These unique water systems create an atmosphere of purely pristine wilderness, and a certain calmess that is mostly characterised by its breathtaking coastal views. Boasting a mild climate nearly all year round, Walpole is a place in which you will find a small town country atmosphere that welcomes visitors with warm, outstretched arms.

The township was originally established in the early 1930’s to act as a foreground for local farmers. The region thrived on industries such as timber milling and has now become a rich dairy and beef farming area. In more recent times, the region has become famous for its Giant Red and Yellow Tingle Trees, which contribute to Walpole’s well-known name of “Sclerophyll Country”.

As mentioned before, Walpole is surrounded by unique water ways, and this is essentially what makes it such an ideal location for the state’s best water-based activities. The Nornalup Inlet is a perfectly safe place for the whole family to fish, canoe, kayak and sail. Take the kids out on the water for the day and upon return, cook up a storm on the great BBQ facilities made available here. Perfect end, to the perfect day!

The local beaches are another focal point of the area and are ideal for safe swimming and surfing. One of the most popular of these would have to be Mandalay Beach, which can easily be accessed by car. Explore the historic remains of the Mandalay Wreck, and gain an insightful understanding of how the times in Walpole used to be. A spot of fishing should also be on your list of things to do here, as it is the perfect place to sit back with a rod or hand reel, relax and soak up the fresh sea breeze!

Those art lovers out there will be far from disappointed when they pay a visit to the Ennicas Fine Art Gallery. This stunning gallery will give visitors a unique sense of the strong cultural ties of this friendly country town. Positioned dead bang in the middle of town, this gallery displays an eye pleasing contrast of fine European art and Indigenous exhibitions. Local talent is also present here, as the gallery pays equal attention to the works of local artists who have captured the stunning local scenery and surrounds in their art.

Fun for the kids isn’t too far along the South Coast Highway, in the form of the Toffee Factory. This is the ideal destination for those sweet tooth’s out there, as the factory produced and distributes a unique range of toffee and sweets that are sure to sweeten member so the entire family.

Head away from town for the day and venture into the scenic wilderness that surrounds the actual township. As you head deeper into this wilderness, you will eventually enter the Valley of the Giants, which is situated in the heart of the Walpole-Nornalup National Park. The driving experiences you have around here will charm you in more ways then one and will lead you to some of the picturesque sights you could possible imagine. Drive through the giant Tingle and Karri trees and picnic or bushwalk at one of the rest stops along the way. The world famous”Tree Top Walk” can also be found within this National Park and it is truly fantastic as it allows you to walk among the canopy of this spectacular forest.

If you are keen to experience another of the area’s scenic drives, take the journey along the Hilltop Drive and Lookout. Discover the astounding natural sights of this ancient forest, which will eventually lead you to a lookout, that will reward you with unbelievable views of the Frankland River, the Walpole-Nornalup Inlet and the scattered islands of the south coast. These views encapsulate just how beautiful this region is and allow you to discover the beauty and tranquility that is present here.

Conspicuous Cliff offers another equally intriguing scenic drive’s that will take you on a journey along the coast. Absorb the remarkable coastal heathland which comes to life in summer when the red flowering gums come into full bloom. Soak up the sights, sounds and smells of this drive while breathing up the fresh country air and crisp sea breezes.

Walpole offers a wealth of accommodation options, ensuring there is something here to please all. Choose to stay on the foreshores of the inlet or venture into Peaceful Bay where you will find an idyllic caravan park that offers all the facilities you could possibly need. It is situated just 100 metres from the beach, making it the perfect destination for a seaside holiday stay!

The beauty, wonder and intrigue of Walpole is clearly evident in the friendly town centre, the spectacular coastal views and the dense forests that surround and encapsulate the community. Staying in Walpole brings you back in touch with nature and allows you to relax, enjoy and soak up the peaceful serenity of what Australia has to offer!

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