Getaway to Glenelg


Adelaide would have to be one of Australia’s most beautiful capital cities in Australia, boasting a balmy Mediterranean climate, incredible scenery, vineyards and unique art galleries. Adelaide’s neighbouring city of Glenelg has become increasingly popular over the years, thanks to its Bay Discovery Centre, trendy cafe’s and delightful coastline. Discovering this region should be near the top of the list of things to see and do in Australia because this truly is a wonderful place, offering everything that is good about life.

Over the years, Glenelg fast become a tourist town, as it buzzes with trendy cafes, a trendy lifestyle and a rich cultural feel. The Adelaide hinterland is a great source for world class wines, so they flow freely here along with the conversation and friendly locals. The vintage here is another draw card because it conveniently transports travellers right to Glenelg beach from the centre of Adelaide. This is probably one of the best ways to get here because it is a great way to get some sightseeing in, while not having to concentrate completely on the road.

Many people escape to Glenelg to get away from the crowds and the skyscrapers, and are delighed to find that it is a place that is home to some of the most stunning white beaches, breathtaking sunset and not to mention, some of the best shopping opportunities imaginable. Once you tire of exploring the 200 plus shopping outlets, pay a visit to some of the local museums and galleries, that are brimming with local talent and historical artefacts, waiting to be discovered by you. If you are a keen history buff, you will no doubt be drawn to the end of Anzac Highway, which offers a bird’s eye view of the replica of the “HMS Buffalo”, which stands tall and proud against the coastal backdrop. Adelaide is known as the art capital of Australia, and the more you see of Glenelg it is obvious this rich creativity has spread to Glenelg.

Once you get here you will be bombarded with activities. Glenelg offers everything from every type of water sport, to cycling, golf and plenty of sightseeing. Jetty Road is a great place to start to get a taste of the area, while the shopping strip will be a great way to finish the afternoon. The beautiful scenery here is endless and the constant entertainment on offer really contributes to making it THE place to be.

For a closer look at this diverse region, drop by the Bay Discovery Centre. Located at the Glenelg Town Hall, the exhibitions here will capture your imagination and give you a wider appreciation of Glenelg and the wonder of South Australia. Then head outside and embark on the popular Proclamation Trail, a three and a half kilometre trail through the city that will introduce you to a numver of interesting historical sites along the way.

Dolphins and whales frequent the waters surrounding Glenelg so ensure you bring your binoculars and prepare for some relaxing “mammal spotting” by the waters edge. A alternative is to head out on one of the dolphin tours, such as “Temptation Sailing”, as this will give you a closer look at this amazing creatures. Wildlife abounds up and down the coastline, with plenty of opportunities available so you can interact with them all.

Known as the “house of fun”, The Beachouse is a place that you simply must visit. Home to three waterslides, dodgem cars, a five storey play castle, carousel and arcade games, there is guaranteed to be something here for the entire family. There is also an 18 hole mini golf course that is perfect if you wish to take it a little easier. This attraction has probably helped put Glenelg on the map, because with so many choices available, you will want to keep coming back!

Glenelg’s gorgeous blue bay, ideal weather and countless choice of touristy shops makes it an ideal destination for a holiday of any kind, all year round. Its close proximity to Adelaide makes it even better because it reduces your travel time and gives you a greater variety of places and attractions to explore

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