Discover Uluru


Uluru would have to be the most well-known icon of Australia, and is located within the remote Uluru National Park, in the Northern Territory. Positioned within a day’s drive south west from the town of Alice Springs, it should be seen at least once in a lifetime, if only for its sheer beauty, ever changing colours and vast, wide plains.

The ideal option to take would be to pick up a campervan in Alice Springs, as this will allow you to enjoy the freedom to explore not only this famous attraction at your leisure but the sheer thrill of driving in the red centre and all there is to offer in every direction.

There is so much to do here, you will never run out of things to see. Once you have dropped in at the cultural centre to get your bearings, you then have a choice of simply watching the changing colours of the Rock at sunrise or sunset, going on a base walk, taking a camel or Harley Davidson tour, sunset dinners or even a flight over the rock for a more unique perspective.

Many tourists to the Territory come with one thing in mind; The Rock. These visitors either walk the base or choose to capture the magnificent changes in colour at sunset or sunrise from the ground. Whatever you choose you will need to stick around a couple of days at least to make the most of your visit here.

The Campground at Uluru is a fantastic base to explore the surrounding landscapes, with excellent facilities and plenty of room under the shade of the native oak trees. The diversity of plant and animal life here will amaze you. Although the conditions appear severe, with hot days and sub zero nights, many species have found a way to adapt and thrive in this remote corner of the territory, allowing you to enjoy their unique habits. This entire region has huge cultural significance in regards to the Indigenous population. Aboriginals have great respect for the giant structure, with dreamtime stories about the area still told today. There is also the option of taking a tour with a local guide who can explain more about the ancient culture, bush tucker and surrounding vegetation.

The Olgas are not as famous as Uluru, but they are equally as impressive in their own right. They are positioned about a thirty kilometre drive from the rock, and the best time to visit is at sunrise as the temperatures can increase rapidly in the middle of the day. There are two walks that you can take here that will allow you to explore the depth of this area. The Valley of the Winds walk takes you on a trip around a number of the dome shaped Olgas, and the other takes you to the Kalpa Lookout. With only the red outback plains and brilliant blue skies in the distance, it really is an incredible attraction from any angle you look at it from.

Take a drive three hours north east from Uluru and you will enter the Watarrka National Park, which is the home of Kings Canyon. Many species of exotic plant life call this place home, along with many different types of wildlife. Make sure you pack your walking shoes for the three to four hour walking trail which will take you to the rim of the Canyon and offers some spectacular views. One of the most popular natural attractions in this area would have to be the Garden of Eden, which features a waterhole and abundant vegetation. There is also a shorter walk which takes you to the middle of the Canyon and will also give you some fantastic scenery. The unusual rock formations of the Lost City will leave you in awe, named because at different angles they do look like the forgotten remains of an old city.

Kings Creek Station is located just over thirty kilometres from the Canyon and is a great place to rest and unwind for a few days. This is a great base for adventure, with helicopter flights over the canyon, camel riding and quad biking just some of the options. Uluru, the Olgas, Kings Canyon and the brilliant red landscapes of the red centre, display everything Australia is known for and proud to show off to rest of the world. Many people choose an outback adventure to escape to a place where there is freedom, rugged beauty and incredible landforms. Well, you are definitely in the right place here.

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