Discover The Riesling Trail And Beyond


Escape to the rolling green hills of Adelaide and you will discover South Australia’s most famous wine trail; the Riesling Trail. This intriguing trail will take you through some beautiful vineyards and allow you to enjoy a stunning backdrop of the northern Mt Lofty ranges, along with many other, equally stunning landscapes.

South Australia is famous for its world class wines and vineyards, and also offers a further wealth of amazing things to see and do. This hidden paradise is the perfect destination for a relaxing getaway; an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A unique diversity of things to do and places to explore means that exploration of this area is a must and what better way to do it then on a campervan holiday?

Upon arrival settle into your chosen place to stay so that you can plan where you want to start your journey. A popular place to stay in the region is the Clare Caravan Park which, as its name suggests, is situated within the township of Clare. It marks the beginning of many of the walking tracks in the area and is also close to many of the Valley’s best wineries. The park also features a swimming pool, barbeque area, and is sprawled over thirty acres of gum tree scattered land that offers a truly idyllic setting.

Another one of the great things about the Clare Valley is its position so close to the capital city of Adelaide. Take a day trip or two to the “Big Smoke” and explore the hidden treasures that can be uncovered here. However, most people would simply prefer to spend the majority of their time on the trails. The Riesling Trail spans for a total of 25 kilometres, between Clare and Auburn. Cycle or trek along the trail, all while getting the chance to meet the native wildlife and friendly locals. However, the most intriguing part of the trail is no doubt the wineries and vineyards that can be found around practically every corner. This intriguing interactive walk has placed the Clare Valley on the tourist map, and enriches the holidays of visitors by giving them a true taste of rich country life.

You will soon discover that many wines are best enjoyed with a meal so make sure you visit some of the many restaurants that are scattered throughout the valley. If you are in the area during May, make sure you check out the Clare Valley Gourmet Weekend. held This will be a weekend full of wine tasting, eating and wine touring because this is essentially what this region does best.

Prepare yourself for even more exploration of this amazing area and then take a drive down to the Spring Gully National Park. This nature wonderland truly is a sight to behold, and is home to highlights such as the beautiful Cascades waterfall and Bluegum Lookout, which will reward you with panoramic views of the true depths of the valley.

The Billygoat Hill and Neagles Rock Lookouts are also great places to visit, each offering unforgettable views, especially at sunset. Another great spot to relax, unwind and enjoy a picnic lunch is at Inchiquin Lake. This lake is an ideal place for fishing and he many tracks and trails that surround it are perfect for the kids or for cycling. Brooks Lookout is also worth the hike as it offers views that span the valley right through to the Yorke Peninsula. Add this to your list of stops along the way in order to truly discover the hidden beauty of the valley.

Another great region is explore while in the Clare Valley is Burra, which can best be done by journeying through Burras Heritage Passport Trail. The 11 kilometre trail will take you past the Redruth Gaol and some stunning copper streets. You will also pass the Burra Mine, a place that, if you stop at, will take you through a journey of Burra’s fascinating past.

Mintaro is another place that should be added to your list of places to see. The drive through town is a fantastic one as it will expose you to unique architecture, antiques, gardens and quaint old streets, that make Mintaro the charming little town that it is. Visit the Mintaro Maze, which is a series of hedges and conifers all designed to outwit the most dedicated maze lover. Mintaro is perhaps most famous for its local slate, and you can even buy your own slate maze. The Clare Valley offers some truly amazing attractions that are conveniently sprawled right across this oasis of a region. The vineyards are really what makes this valley the attraction that is is, and there is no better way to discover these then by embarking on a trek along the Riesling Trail. See the country here up close and see what all the fuss is about. Discover the Clare Valley today!

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