Australian Weather


The Australian weather is like none other in the world. Changes in the weather occur frequently, no matter what the season, often taking visitors to this Great Southern Land by surprise.

While the weather in Australia is more often than not, unpredictable, there are recognisable changes that do occur each year.

The easiest way to identify the weather is by the season. Australia experiences four seasons: summer, winter, spring and autumn. Each differs, sometimes dramatically, and sometimes drastically.

However, they do give a good indication of when to travel, so here is the lowdown on them:

Summer (December to February)
Undoubtedly the warmest of the four seasons, summer falls between spring and autumn, during the months of December and February.

Daylight tends to dominate during these months, while rain is also a frequent occurrence along the coastline. Many parts of inland Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales and Queensland reach scorching temperatures, while the average summer temperature across the country is 29 degrees Celsius.

Autumn (March to May)
Autumn is a season characterised by vibrant colours, falling leaves and cooler weather. With temperatures ranging in the 20’s across the country, autumn offers a pleasant cool down period after summer.

Winter (June to August)
Winter is the coolest season in Australia, with most states and territories experiencing a cool change.

While most of Australia never experiences snow, there are several well known snow destinations during the winter months. Snow falls in the mountains of Victoria, Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania frequently during these months, with many skiers flocking to the slopes of Thredbo and Kosciusko.

In other parts of the country, the temperature is on average around 15 degrees Celsius, with the exception of the Northern Territory, which doesn’t see so much of a dramatic change in weather.

Spring (September to November)
Spring is generally known as a season of transition, especially after the sometimes harsh winter months.

Flowers come into bloom, trees regain their leaves and the sun shines brightly once again. Temperatures usually lie around the low 20’s, making for pleasant beach and outdoor weather.

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