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The 2 Berth Campervan

A 2 Berth Campervan is an ideal option for those travelling in twos, or for short or extended getaways.

Generally the cheapest kind of campervan to hire (as it is the smallest of the range), a 2 berth campervan comes in a range of sizes and styles.


These vehicles are compact and versatile, but surprisingly spacious. The clever design features pack the most comprehensive specifications into a compact vehicle.

A 2 berth campervan incorporate beds, and basic functions such as a fridge or cooler box, gas cooker, kitchen equipment.

Sleeping Arrangements

As the name suggests, the 2 berth campervan sleeps up to two people, making it the perfect option for couples and seniors. The bedding area in these campervans folds up during the day, with the option of 2 single beds or a double bed at night.


Most 2 berth campervans come with some kitchen facilities, including a sink, fridge and gas stove. They also come with standard features such as air-conditioning, heating, and a water tank. A toilet and shower is even an option for some 2 berth campervans, however, these cost quite a bit extra.

The budget campervans are somewhat more limited. Some of these will only come equipped with bedding and basic kitchen facilities. However, these campervans are still great for short getaways and if you don't mind roughing it in regards to toilet and shower.

Most 2 berth campervans also come with a TV and DVD player ensuring your entertainment onboard throughout your campervan experience.


A 2 berth campervan has enough room for 2 people to safely travel at any one time. This essentially means that even couples, travelling with a young baby, would need to upgrade to a 3 or 4 berth campervan, in order to maintain safety and security while driving.

A 2 berth campervan is a great option if you want to travel on the cheap and aren't too concerned about a spacious living environment. These campervans truly are ideal for couples, providing a home away from home that in the end, you may not even want to return.

2 Berth Hi-Top Campervans

A 2 Berth Hi-Top campervan is very similar to the standard 2 berth campervan however it does provide the option of taking a child above the age of 7 along for the ride.

The biggest difference between the two models is that a hi-top has, essentially this; a high top. This offers a little more head room and will allow you to stand in the campervan.


While these campervans are compact and versatile, they are reasonably spacious. In comparison to a regular 2 berth campervan, a hi-top campervan gives you the convenience of more head room, which will allow you to walk around freely. They are also suitable for 2 adults and 1 child over 7 years of age, in comparison to the 2 adults only that a 2 berth campervan can facilitate.

Sleeping Arrangements

Although they are referred to as 2 berth hi-top campervans, they can actually sleep up to three people. The double bed folds out on the lower part of the campervan, while a single bed, suitable for a child, folds out near the top of the campervan


2 Berth Hi-Top campervans come with kitchen facilities, including fridge and stove top, as standard. Heating and air-conditioning is also incorporated in the driving cabin of all of the campervans.

An important thing to keep in mind is that the hi-top campervan does NOT come with a toilet and shower.


The other most important difference between the two is that the hi-top campervan is suitable for 2 adults and a child ages 7 years or older. This means that family's with only one child can travel together, or alternatively, single parents with two children.

This is the perfect option for small families who don't want to incur the additional costs of a 4 berth vehicles, while still enjoying the freedom of travelling together.

2 Berth Campervan Suppliers

Campervan companies that offer 2 berth campervans for hire include:

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