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Budget Class Suppliers

Thinking about campervanning across Australia, but want to do it on the cheap? Well a budget camper van is probably the right vehicle for you.

Ideal for backpackers and the budget-minded traveler, these basic camper vans come equipped with everything you need to "rough it in a little bit of style".

While these vehicles are cheap and great for budget conscious travelers, it should be kept in mind that they are generally a lot older than other vehicles on the market. This essentially means that they have traveled more kilometres and as a result have more wear and tear and out-dated upholstery. Set aside these factors though and you can enjoy a camper van holiday on the cheap with ease.

Budget class camper van suppliers include:


As the name may suggest, Mighty camper vans are ideal for backpackers and those traveling on a tight budget.

Mighty camper vans are usually around 6 years old, and while they are not as luxurious as the Maui and Britz vehicles, they have been expertly maintained and are ideal for any kind of holiday.

The simplest of the Mighty camper vans is the Breezer; however, this vehicle is only convenient for short holidays, as it only incorporates an esky and not a fridge. This is a great option for young travelers, as it can be hired out to drivers over the age of 18 years who hold a non-provisional drivers license.

The Mighty Nomad is a slight upgrade from the Breezer, as it offers a fridge and is classed as a hi-top vehicle, which essentially offers more head room. The Nomad is a great option if you want the freedom to move around your vehicle with ease and if you are aged under 21.

If you are looking to escape for the weekend with some friends, the Warrior is the best option of the Mighty camper van range. It features two double beds, with one overhead and one converting into seating during the day. This vehicle is also a great option for a group of couples over the age of 21.

If you are looking to go all out on a couple's getaway, without breaking the budget, the Mighty Wanderer is an ideal vehicle. Featuring a toilet and shower, and all the facilities a couple could need, the Wanderer is a great Mighty option for two people, aged 21 and older.

Mighty camper vans are a popular option on the market an with all vehicles guaranteed with 24-hour assistance, and with a huge fleet size, there is sure to one available at any given time.


Jucy motor home rental vehicles are perfect for couples, small families and backpackers and offer the perfect option for those looking for a bed on wheels.

The Jucy motor home rental vehicles are 2008 model Toyota Taragos, which have been fitted out with all the mod coms you could expect of a camper van. Boasting a fridge, gas stove, CD player and portable DVD player, the Jucy vehicles are a great option for young people, even allowing drivers aged 18 with possession of a non-provisional drivers license to hire them.

Jucy motor home rental vehicles are practically new, with the oldest vehicles in the fleet just a year old. Keep in mind though that these vehicles are not hi-top which means that there is not enough head room to stand up.

All rentals include 24-hour road side assistance and unlimited kilometres, and with depot locations all up the coast from Sydney to Cairns, there is sure to be one near you.


Camperman camper van hire Australia is a unique motorhome supplier that specialises in PopTop and HighTop vehicles. Offering 3, 4 and 5 berth campervans, Camperman is focused on finding the right camper van to suit your needs.

Camperman camper van hire is a great option for those wishing to travel for extended periods of time. While the vehicles are up to 9 years old, they have been expertly maintained and the rates are very reasonable.

All of their rates are "All Inclusive", which means you will not be hit with any additional or hidden costs that are so common within this market.

A Camperman camper van hire vehicle is also a great option for younger travelers, with non-provisional drivers aged at least 18 years permitted to hire, and for those simply looking for a quality, low cost, fun and compact vehicle.

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