Mandurah – The Heart of the Peel Region


Mandurah has thrived in recent years to become one of the fastest growing regional cities of Western Australia. Situated just 74 kilometres up the road from the capital city of Perth, Mandurah is highly regarded as the gateway to the South West. Drive along the Brand Highway and you will rewarded with stunning views of the coastline and welcomes into beautiful cities such as Fremantle, Kwinana and Rockingham. However, none of these cities even keen close to the wonderful things there are to see and do in Mandurah and a holiday here will clearly demonstrate why this is the case.

Over the past 15 years Mandurah has celebrated a large population boom they have grabbed with both hands and taken full advantage of. This large boom owes greatly to the area’s diverse blend of coastal features, unique bushland, productive industries and the best of inner-city living. Yet despite this boom, the city has managed to maintain its relaxed, holiday atmosphere, and this is essentially what makes it such a great place to escape the hassles of everyday life and take a much-needed holiday.

The hub of the city is nestled around Mandjar Bay, contributing to the unique waterside atmosphere of the city. A Mediiterranean style climate is enjoyed all year round here, making visitation here perfect all year round. The vast variety of sights and attractions on offer also makes Mandurah a popular place to visit, with something to see and do around every corner.

It should come as no surprise that Mandurah is home to some of the finest waterways in Australia. Its location in the Peel Region means that it sits at the meeting point of the Murray, Serpentine and Harvey Rivers. It was for this reason alone that a world-class marina was developed here, allowing boat access into the Peel Inlet. The residential canal developments have made fishing here easy, along with crabbing, swimming, recreational cruising and water skiing. Numerous boat launching facilities allow for easy boat access to the water, meaning endless family fun can be had here.

Annual events are another fixture of Mandurah, with the city hosting several annual water events which never fail to reel in the tourists. The Channel Seven Crab Festival and the Mandurah Ocean Marina Boat and Fishing Show offer great family days out and allow visitors to soak up the friendly atmosphere and spend the day doing a spot of fishing or mixing with the locals. The kids and adults alike are sure to enjoy!

Mandurah is an incredibly unique city and enjoys pleasant contrasts between the coast and inland landscapes. Surrounded by natural bushland, it is perfect for native bushwalking experiences. The Erskine Nature Trail is extremely popular and can be accessed from the Mandurah Quays and spans for a total of 6 kilometres. The walk cover the majority of the peel inlet, allowing you to get a first hand look at just how diverse this region is. The magnificent views of the waterways allow for frequent dolphin spotting which is the real highlight of the walk and make it an unforgettable experience.

The Halls Head walk is another popular trek that the Mandurah region has to offer. Start the walk at the Boardwalk Boulevard, which begins at the edge of the Indian Ocean. Offering spectacular views and frequent dolphin sightings, this walk enjoys a pleasant contrast between the coastline and bushland settings. A great time to take the walk is at either dusk or dawn as this will emphasise its great features even more apparently.

Head 35 minutes east of Mandurah and you will come across the settlement of Serpentine. The Serpentine Falls National Park calls this region home and feature the spectacular Serpentine Falls. These falls are simply breathtaking and are the perfect place to rest for a picnic lunch. Absorb your natural surroundings and native bird life on the Baldwin’s Bluff Nature Trail which encapsulates views of magnificent waterfalls, coastal plains, Mandurah, Rockingham and the very distant skyline of Perth. This walk will open you mine to the true vastness and serenity of Mandurah and its surrounds.

While staying in Mandurah, a fantastic place to stay is the Mandurah Caravan and Tourist Park. This is a great family park as it enjoys a close proximity to the local shops, beaches and estuaries. Relax and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of the park and let the kids run wild with the abundance of fun activities on offer here.

Mandurah is an enchanted wonderland of never-ending fun and activity. The contrasts between coastline and bushland allow for a fun holiday that the whole family can enjoy all year round. Relax and soak up all that Mandurah has to offer and you may never want to leave!

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