Captivating Carnarvon

Carnarvon WA

The beautiful region of Carnarvon is situated on the western coast of Australia and is an ideal place to visit at any time of the year. Although it is located a considerable distance from Perth, a journey spanning a whopping 900 kilometres, it is a truly remarkable place that enjoys a pleasant sense of isolation and harmony, and is still easily achievable with campervan hire from Perth. If you are after adventure, beautiful coastlines and a relaxing, tropical holiday, Carnarvon is the perfect place to plan you next holiday for.

A journey to Carnarvon will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you simply cannot miss. Carnarvon is at the centre of everything, with all the facilities you could possibly need within a kilometre. While journeying here, plan to stop over in Geraldton, which is sitauted right near the halfway point between Perth and Carnarvon. After this stopover, be sure to drop by the Kalbarri National Park, which is situated a further few hundred kilometres north up the road. This is a beautiful National Park and definitely worth the stop.

Raw beauty is something that is done well in Carnarvon. The Indian Ocean borders the town and is thriving with life, boasting divine sunsets and untouched white beaches. Heading inland will uncover blooming wildflowers and the wonders of the Gascoyne River, which stretches through the hinterland, throughout the Kennedy ranges. The region enjoys a tropical climate that makes it perfect for the production of yummy fruits sich as bananas and mangoes. The landscapes here remain stunning all year round and truly give the town its intriguing atmosphere.

There are plenty of great places to stay in Carnarvon, with caravan parks the most most popular among these options. The four star Wintersun Caravan and Tourist Park is right in the heart of town and is an extremely popular option. It features all of the amenities and grassy sites you could possibly need. An alternative is the Coral Coast Tourist Park, which is also centrally located and close to all the local beaches. For those who would prefer something a little quieter, book yourself into the Big4 Plantation Caravan Park, which offers all the shade you need and allows you to enjoy a picturesque backdrop of plantations and remote bush.

Once you have settled into your preferred choice of accommodation, it’s time to start exploring this remote, but intriguing region. Shark Bay is a great place to start as it is a highly renowned World Heritage listed natural attraction, and is at the top of the list when it comes to Carnarvon’s mos loved attractions. Once you have explored the Bay, head south to come face to face with the friendly dolphins at Monkey Mia. This is the ideal place to see your first dugong and discover a beach that is made entirely from gorgeous shells. Enjoy the wonder and beauty of the Bay on one of the numerous walking trails or stop at one of the rest stops for a packed picnic lunch.

A little further along the coast are the famous Blowholes. These are highly popular with the locals and also offer great camping and picnic grounds that tourists are sure to love. Relax and sit by the calming, yet sometimes pounding waves here, all while appreciating the true wonder of the blowholes. The calm lagoon can be deceptive as the swell can turn into huge waves so be careful around here.

Carnarvon is also ideally situated extremely close to Ningaloo Reef; a place where you will discover a hidden world of life and colour beneath its blue waters. This reef is home to over five hundred species of fish and two hundred and fifty species of coral. Explore the reef as you snorkel or scuba dive its waters, or simply take a walk along the beach and enjoy the calm serenity of this stunning place.

Head east for a true discovery of the Kennedy Ranges. These cliffs span for a total of seventy kilometres and rise above a valley of beauty and wonder. Mt Augustus is the world’s largest monocline, purely because of its wonderful colour changes. The rock formation itself actually changes colour, from shades of pink, indigo and orange to red and even green, which will leave you mesmerised. Some things can’t be explained unless you have been there, and this landmark is one of them. Nature lovers will enjoy this region, with emus, goannas and red kangaroos roaming wild, and heaps of birdlife such as swans, ducks and kookaburras.

Closer to town a short stroll will take you to One Mile Jetty, a lovely place to enjoy the water and the sights and sounds of the town and its people. Fishing is one of the favoured past times here, and for good reason. This is just to spot to throw a line as many of the big fish can be found here such as Taylor, Tuna and Mackerall. If you are here in May to June make sure you enter the local fishing competition – the Carnafin.

Carnarvon is a unique destination that will need a lot of planning but will provide you with an adventure of a lifetime. The remoteness of Western Australia’s coastline is perfect for the campervan traveller, and needs to be seen to be believed. It is nature at its best.

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