One Way Campervan Rental


Thinking about taking a motorhome hire Australia holiday, but don’t want to stick to the one area, or double-back on your travels? Well a one way campervan rental sounds like the right option for you!
One way campervan rental refers to just that; it doesn’t involve a return trip. It usually involves you picking up your motorhome hire Australia vehicle in one destination, and dropping it off in a different location. While this may be just a town or suburb away, it can also be a city on the other side of the country.

This is an extremely popular option for those wishing to road trip across country, those moving house to another destination (who want to make a holiday out of the moving experience), or simply those wishing to fly back to their original location (as flying is a more time efficient option).


The cost associated with one way campervan rental varies depending on several factors:

The time of year is an important consideration in the equation. Availability of motorhome hire Australia varies throughout the year, with a higher demand during the peak seasons (holidays). This essentially means that some motorhome hire Australia companies will not hire out a vehicle for one way rental, because this would leave them short of one vehicle for their fleet.

The locations of the pick-up and drop-off of the vehicle are also important. The distance between these destinations will aid in calculating the cost of transporting the campervan back to the original dealer.

The cost will also vary, depending on the motorhome hire Australia company you choose to hire through. Each company charges different amounts, and this will be specified on your rental quote (which you will acquire before you book the vehicle).

Another fantastic way to reduce the cost of your one way fee campervan rental is to book well in advance. This will not only ensure availability of the vehicle, but give the motorhome hire Australia company the opportunity to make prior arrangements for re-transportation of the vehicle.

All of these factors are important to keep in mind when you are deciding on your one way rental options. If you keep these few simple tips in mind, you can be assured of finding a suitable deal that will ensure your rental is a pleasant and affordable one.

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