Saving on Campervan & Caravan Park Fees


Although campervan holidays are usually a fun and enjoyable experience, they can often put a very big dent in your bank balance.
Australian campervan hire holidays are a great idea, especially if you can find a great deal in terms of cost. Saving every little bit of money you can, to go towards making your holiday more enjoyable is the aim of most holiday goers. This may involve cutting the costs on buying food, or passing up the opportunity to visit some of the more expensive attractions.

Reducing Costs
There are also a few little extra things you can do in terms of cutting the cost of your caravan park fees.

The easiest way to do this is of course to book well in advance. Not only will this ensure you secure a place before the crowds rush in, but you will also probably be able to find a much cheaper deal. It also means you get the pick of the litter in terms of the park’s best sites.

If you don’t happen to book well in advance, at least reserve a site a few days prior to arrival in your Australian campervan hire. Knowing when and where you are going to be staying is always a good idea, as it will ensure you always have somewhere to park your campervan for the night. However, one of the best parts of a road trip, is spontaneity! If this sounds like you, there are some great (and free) phone apps to help you find nearby campgrounds – both free options and paid ones.

Even before you start to get everything ready for your holiday, keep an eye out for any deals in travel magazines and on travel websites. You may find deals that will give you free nights or a reduced price per night or for the extent of your stay. Once you find these deals, it never hurts to ring the actual caravan park up to find out if it will apply to you and your Australian campervan hire.

In general, powered sites cost more than non-powered sites, so if you are pulling in late, leaving early and your campervan has enough power to get you through another day, a non-powered site is definitely the cheaper option. Not only will this save you money, but you are also helping the environment.

By keeping these few simple tips in mind, you may be able to save some money on caravan park fees. This money can than be put towards making your Australian campervan hire holiday more enjoyable and one that can be remembered for many years to come.

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