Australian Toll Roads

Sydney Roads

Toll roads can be found in Australia’s eastern states of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. These toll roads can be found within the metropolitan areas of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne and are a popular route for travel in and around these cities.

When renting a campervan, the hirer is fully responsible for road toll fees. This is clearly stipulated in the information that is handed out with every rental agreement, which explains road toll procedures and how to make payments.

In most cases, those who have hired a campervan, who have traveled these toll roads and who have failed to pay the toll fee, will have their credit card debited the amount that they owe. There may also be a fine and other fees, including administration fees, relating to this failure to pay.

Before you pick up your campervan and begin your travels, it is important to be aware of the costs associated with Australia’s toll roads.

Fees and charges generally vary by state, and can be found via the Linkt website

When renting a car or campervan, you can set up a toll pass via the website, so that payments are charged automatically to your credit card. This is the easiest method, because alternatively, you can pay as you go. However, if you forget to pay the toll within the time frame provided, you will incur additional costs from both Linkt as well as your rental company.

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