A Driver’s Guide To The Upper Hunter Region

Hunter Region

In search of a great place for a driving holiday, full of fantastic scenery and spectacular views? Well you can stop your searching when you reach the Upper Hunter area, an idyllic area located just 300 kilometres from Sydney: the perfect option for campervan hire from Sydney. This is one of New South Wales’ most visually attractive areas and is home to a total of four shires, making it an area rich in diversity and pleasant contrasts. The area is regarded as one of intensive agricultural farming, with a strong equine industry to back it up. These industries enjoy a setting of scenic countryside that is in a word, spectacular! Driving these routes will introduce you to a simply charming area that will surprise and enchant you with every twist and turn of the road.

If you are a local to Sydney or New Castle (Upper Hunter’s closest neighbours), the easiest way to access this majestic region is via the New England Highway. This highway takes you through some amazing provinces which you won’t be able to help but stop in and take a look around.


The first town you will come across on the New England Highway, is the picturesque little village of Aberdeen. Also known as “The Birthplace of the Blue Heeler”, this pleasant town boasts a rich local history that is full of fascinating places to visit. Take the “town walk” and you will be strolling through a journey of the past as you take in the classic buildings and old-fashioned craft shops that line the historic streets. These are sure to please any history or art lover until their heart is content.

The presence of the Hunter River is felt in Aberdeen, flowing right through the centre of town and acting as the perfect scenic escape and home of local watersports. Aberdeen also marks the entrance point to Lake Glenbawn, a picturesque lake that is the perfect spot for a family afternoon out, picnicking by the calm cool waters and soaking up the relaxation.


Scome is also accessible via the New England Highway. However, if you are after a more scenic route, follow the highway until you reach the Segenhue Road turnoff, where veering right will eventually take you onto Gundy Road. This road leads all the way to Scone and is a route of stunning countryside that is scattered with frequent horse studs and picturesque landscapes.

Known internationally as the “Horse Capital of the World”, Scone is very similar to many of the other Upper Hunter townships; it is surrounded by spectacular mountains, valleys, creeks and farmlands, that offer unbelieveable sights that are guaranteed to take your breath away. While in town you simply have to check out the Historical Society Museum, a useful museum that will give you an insight into the town’s local history and culture. Scone also boasts an endless list of fantastic walking trails and sightseeing adventures to take part in, ensuring that there is always something fun and exciting to see and do here.

Chances are, you will fall in love with Scone so be prepared to stay the night here. The Scone Caravan Park is a great choice for a place to stay as it offers comfortable and affordable accommodation, that is suitable for families and couples alike. A stay here is sure to be pleasant so book ahead just to secure your place!


Head a little further inland from Scone on Golden Highway and you will eventually come across the quaint community of Merriwa. This town offers a “breath of fresh air!” and is a great place to spend a day or two. Each year in June it hosts the Festival of the Fleeces, which is a celebration of the region’s rich agricultural heritage. Merriwa ia also known for its strong production of wheat, barley, canola and stone fruits.

Another highlight of Merriwa would have to be its close proximity to the Goulbourn River National Park. The park can be easily reached by travelling along Ringwood Road for around 9 kilometres until you reach the National Park entrance. Explore the native wildlife that is prominent within this region as you trek along one or two of the many nature trails that run through this intriguing area. This unique adventure allows you to get back in touch with nature and explore the hidden jewels of our great country!


Turn around full circle and head on back to Scone along the New England Highway until you reach the “crown of the Hunter’, Murrurundi. The town is positioned just an hour and a half drive from Scone, marking the end of your Upper Hunter driving adventure.

Murrurundi is nestled on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, allowing for this range to create a picturesque backdrop to the town. Pack a picnic lunch and head to Paradise Park where you will be able to explore the Eye of the Needle rock formation. You will also uncover a lookout that offers unbeatable views of the surrounding mountains and valleys; a sight that must be seen to be believed. It is here that you will discover the true peace and ambience of the Upper Valley and Upper Hunter region.

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