Byron To Ballina

Byron Bay Lighthouse

After a leisurely road trip that will take you past some of the most picturesque scenery New South Wales has to offer? Well the route from Byron to Ballina should be perfect for you. This lifestyle in both these beautiful towns is one of relaxation and creativity, while still allowing you to enjoy the raw pleasures of sunshine, golden beaches, chatty locals and arty shops. This diverse stretch of natural beauty, rolling hills and new age ambience, is located only two hours drive from Brisbane so you really have to check it out.

Idyllic weather conditions make this region even more perfect, as endless hours of sunshine throughout the year mean that you can stay outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature at all times. This region is a magnet for locals for so many reasons, with international tourists travelling far and wide to experience this unique Australian oasis for themselves.

Byron Bay offers a wealth of things to see and do, and the best way to do it is to simply hop in your car and go for a drive. However, before you even begin your exploration, the best thing to do is find a suitable place to stay. With close to ten caravan parks to choose from, you can change views every day if you want to. The Byron Bay Tourist Park is a popular choice and is located just minutes from the centre of town. The beach iswithin walking distance, or there is a fantastic golf course right next to the park so settle in and prepare to make the most of it.

Natural attractions here come in the bucket loads and the best place to start is at Cape Byron, where you will find Byron’s famous lighthouse. Numerous walking trails can be found here and these are frequented with panoramic views of the stunning coastline and remarkable landscapes. Dolphins are a well loved aquatic treasure up and down the coast, and frequent the coastline of each township as they frolic with the surfers along the warm waters of the coast.

If you are in the area on the first Sunday of the month be sure to check out the local markets. Home to every kind of food, clothing, jewellery and colourful, wacky gift imaginable, you are sure to come across a bargain that you will be pleased to take home with you.

Once you feel you have discovered all the wonderful things that the coast has to offer, take a leisurely drive south towards Lennox Head. This beautiful area is located directly in between Byron and Ballina. and is a popular destination for those searching for a relaxed pace, or a pleasant stroll along a deserted beach. Whales are also a popular attraction of Lennox Headl so be sure to keep an eye out and a camera handy at all times.

Holidaying on this part of the coast is even easier thanks to the Broken Head Holiday Park, which enjoys a close proximity to Byron, Lennox Head and Ballina. The greatest thing about this park is the fact that it is situated right on the beachfront, as well as a vast expanse of natural bushland. This is the best way to escape the bustle and bustle of the city and relax a little.

Another highlight of this route would have to be the Macadamia Castle. This is personal favourite in this area and is home to an animal park, rides and activities and train rides for the kids, with yummy bags of nuts and treats to choose from before you leave.

Ballina is home to an abundance of attractions but the ones that will immediately capture your attention are the famous Big Prawn, Naval Museum, Coast Guard Tower and beautiful Richmond River. However, if you want to continue in your adventures of the local beaches, why not head down to some of Ballina’s to discover a variety of watersports and leisure activities. If you are a beach and sun lover, you will fall in love with Ballina.

But it doesn’t end there. If you happen to love tea tree oil, make a point of visiting the Thursday Plantation, which is the home of the world famous tea tree products.

Whatever direction you head in from Ballina and Byron, you are sure to come across something that is simply breathtaking. From beaches to lighhouses and nature reserves, this stretch of road will delight and enchant you and make you wish it went on forever.

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