Trekking In Tasmania

Cradle Mountain

Tasmania is an ideal state to visit if you are in search of beautiful walking trails. The tracks are great to embark on while you are on a driving holiday, as it gives you the opportunity to stretch your legs and explore the best that nature has to offer. Most of the walks can be found within the confines of the state’s national parks, which assures you that the tracks will be nothing short of beautiful. From the world renowned Cradle Mountain – Lake St Claire Park to the very reaches of the Freycinet National Park on the coast, you will be captivated by the scenery and challenge each walk presents.

The hardest part will probably be deciding just where to start your adventure. The great thing about walking in Tasmania is that there are such a wide range of short walks, so you can literally drive in any direction and be guaranteed to find an easy and enjoyable walking trail. Right from the coastline to the picturesque highlands, you will be spoilt for choice and are guaranteed fun and adventure.

One of the best longer walks to take is the Tasmanian Trail. Beginning in Devonport on Tasmania’s north coast, and spanning all the way to Dover in the south, you can choose to enjoy a few segments of the walk in a day or complete more then 480 kilometres over a number of days or weeks. This walk will take you on a journey to some of Tasmania’s most hidden treasures and to quaint, small old towns steeped in heritage and history. You will journey through ancient forests and tluscious farmlands, over bridges and through some of the country’s richest natural heritage.

Another well known and spectacular walk is located at the famous Cradle Mountain.The Lake Dove Circuit takes just over an hour to complete and will lead you around Dove Lake and to the foothills of Cradle Mountain. One of the most entrancing features of the walk is the Ballroom Forest, that towers above you closer to the end. Make sure you bring your camera because this is one sight you will want to remember.

Also in the same park, the Enchanted Walk will take you along the banks of Pencil Pine Creek, through magnificent rainforests and close to a large cluster of wombat burrows that have been dug along the trail.Taking close to twenty minutes, this walk is ideal for the whole family as it is quick, easy and highly rewarding.

For those more adventurous, head out to the Cradle Mountain summit. The track you choose to trek along here will most likely depend on the weather, as well as your fitness levels. The eight hour trek will require high fitness levels but it is well worth the effort. The summit will reward you with indescribable views of the national park that have to be seen to be believed.

To the west you will find a great trail leading to the mesmerising Montezuma Falls, which is one of Tasmania’s highest waterfalls. It is a moderate walk that will take approximately three hours to complete. It will take you to some magnificent views and an enjoyable waterfall. Head to Williamsford and then continue on to Rosebery to find the trail a few kilometres to the south. There are a number of different tree species that will catch your eye as you enjoy the rainforest and plentiful bird species.

The Freycinet Peninsula is another popular location for enjoyable walking, with stunning views in every direction you look. The bays, beaches and granite boulders all add to the appeal and wonder of this location. Halfway up the east coast of Tasmania, pay a visit to Coles Bay to find some beautiful camping parks to base yourself and then begin your trekking. If you are looking for a longer, more intense walk, start at Coles Bay via Hazards Beach and then on to Cooks Beach. This walk is close to 13 kilometres and encompasses some incredible coastal scenery. Returning via Mt Graham to Wineglass Bay, and then onto Coles Bay, you will cover close to 18 kilometres, which is quite a trek! Head to Wineglass Bay for a shorter walk and soak in the sun while you explore this fascinating stretch. There are plenty of great places to walk in Tasmania. Why not join a walking tour through some of the country towns or historic cities for an entirely new perspective? Or alternatively, you can pull over to the side of the road and find an easy walk in no time. Throw a picnic together, head to a beautiful lookout and enjoy being alive in one of the loveliest places on earth. This is only a tiny handful of the extensive system of walking trails in this amazing state, so the best way to begin is to find your walking shoes and plan a trekking holiday to Tasmania.

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