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Ayr Sugarcane

Ayr and Home Hill are ideally positioned in far north Queensland and enjoy a pleasant climate, accompanied with a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere. Situated a short ninety kilometre distance south of Townsville, this friendly part of the world has remained hidden from the tourists that annually flock to the Queensland coast. It is this peace and serenity that Ayr enjoys that makes it such a fantastic place for a motorhome hire holiday.

This beautiful city offers a wealth of things to see and do, ensuring that your holiday here is one full of fun and adventure. This is an area where rivers, creeks and sandy beaches abound, making it a water lover’s paradise, especially for those who love fishing, crabbing and any kind of water sport. A tropical atmosphere acts as a great accompaniment to these activities and ensures that both locals and visitors can have fun at all times. Windsurfing and waterskiing are the most popular activities to take part in, while those who do not wish to get so active, enjoy discovering the unique array of birdlife that call this region home. The sugar cane plantations that stretch for as far as the eye can see also offer a wealth of things to see and experience. And this exploration will show you just why this is the heart of Australia’s sugar cane territory.

While exploring Ayr you will begin to discover some of the most intriguing and interesting attractions in Queensland. One of the most famous of these would have to be the Burdekin Bridge, which is also known as the Silver Link. This used to be known as Australia’s longest bridge, and with its length, basically splits Ayr in the north and Home Hill in the south. The bridge is commonly seen to have fishermen sitting on its edge, all in search of the elusive mackerel, mangrove jack and barramundi, that frequent the waters around here. Those keener fishermen out there can also take the drive out to Townsville, where the extensive river system allows for some great boating and fishing opportunities.

The area surrounding Ayr is an area of immense beauty and panoramic views. These views can be dramatically enjoyed at the Mount Inkerman lookout, which is the fantatsic place to head to for a picnic with the family. The Ayr Nature Display is another great place for the family to visit, along with the Burdekin Theatre which will add a hint of culture to your Ayr experience. The Inkerman Sugar Mill is also open for public access and will give visitors an interesting insight into the entire sugar cane process.

If you want to head out of town for a bit, pay a little visit to the small town of Brandon, which iis situated just five kilometres north of Ayr. This town has remained relatively untouched by the tourism industry, meaning that it has maintained its authenticity, permanently locking in its unique history. Journey through the main street and you will eventually reach the beautiful Catholic church which is positioned right at the end of it. This building almost looks out of place, with its Gothic Style architecture and unique presence, yet it is a truly remarkable place to visit.

Ayr will invite you with some warm and welcoming arms that it is almost next to impossible that you will want to leave. While staying here, one of the best places you can base yourself is the Silver Link Caravan Park. This park features big grassy sites that enjoy a stunning surrounding of sugar cane fields that stretch far into the horizon. The park is located on Norham St, and offers all the facilities you would expect from a four-star park. The Burdekin Cascades Caravan Park is another popular place to stay while in town and is located on Queen St, which is also a truly ideal position.

Finish off your day in Ayr with a magnificent sunset. Watch the sun as it goes to rest behing the sky reaching city high rises. The wide open skies become a stretch of rich red, orange and pink hues, which are closely followed by a display of brilliantly bright stars. The atmosphere in the air at this time is almost as if time has stood still. It becomes quiet and allows you to truly appreciate the simple pleasures of life.

Once you believe you have explored and discovered everything that Ayr has to offer, head up to Townsville; a city that will entice you just as much. While here, take a day trip out to Mission Beach, Magnetic Island or one of the many national parks that this incredible region has to offer. This would have to be one of North Queensland’s loveliest places to visit as it is home to a unique diversity that although has been discovered by the tourists, remains unique and pleasant in an unbelievable number of ways.

A holiday to this part of the country is an absolute necessity if you wish to experience a remarkable diverisity of unique landscapes and brilliantly fun and thriving activities. Start planning your itinerary now because you won’t want to miss out on any of it!

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