Charters Towers – Scenic Gold Mining Town

Burdekin River Charters Towers

Charters Towers is a town that boasts what it means to be Australian, and in particular, a Queenslander. This is the state’s second largest city (after Brisbane) and can easily be reached from the equally beautiful city of Townsville. This intriguing city is the ideal base for exploration of the golden surrounding countryside, and also acts as the perfect getaway if you are seeking a leisurely and relaxing time.

If you are planning a holiday to Charters Towers, the best time of the year to visit would have to be between March and October, as the nights are cool but not freezing, and the days are deliciously warm and sunny. This ideal weather means you can spend as much time as you want basking in the sun and soaking up the fresh air and atmosphere. Storms sweep through unexpectedly at times so come prepared for all seasons, especially since Queensland weather is just so unpredictable.

History buffs will immediately fall in love with the city scape, as many of its original buildings still stand, and each tells a story of this fine city’s past. During the gold rush, Charters Towers was a thriving city, and this is best captured by the local history museum, which houses the historical past and spirit of the city. Since the gold rush here ended, the beef and mining industries have become the heart and soul of the economy, while tourism also plays a key role. Just strolling through the city centre will give you a useful insight into the sense of community here, and you will also discover delightful culinary delights around every corner, along with a friendly local who will always be up for a chat.

To start your tour of the local attractions, pay a visit to the Miners Cottage. This building has been refurbished as a replica of the century old cottages, and also doubles as a museum, satisfying your curious spirit. The century old Historical Ambulance Station is equally as fascinating, with ancient ambulances, uniforms and log books now much loved relics from the past. This is a truly fantastic place to visit.

Another popular tourist attraction is the Venus Gold Battery, which is one of the most revered, historical goldmining sites around. Take a guided tour, which will take you on a journey back through time, with highlights including the movie features, which reveal how the gold was extracted back in these days. There are also plenty of other interesting displays here that bring these days back to life, which will delight and entertain you for endless hours.

If you don’t wish to stay within the confines of Charters Towers, take a trip out to Towers Hill Lookout, which provides a beautiful panoramic view of the town. This lookout also offers interesting historical films at night, if you are going to head up here, make it at night time. Nature lovers will also love this place, because it is a haven for local wildlife. Kangaroos, wallabies, whiptails and the regal wedge tail eagles can be found every which way you look. Be sure to bring your camera because you will probably get very snap happy up here. There are plenty of gold mining stories lurking in the hills, so take some time to read the signposts scattered along the walk to the summit. Towers Hill also hosts an annual country music festival, so if you are in town on the May Day weekend, be sure to check out all the great music, poetry and country tucker that is so good, you won’t want to leave.

Get into the great outdoors and take part in some of the great activities on offer such as fishing, camping and swimming. Take a trip up to the Burdekin River and you will reach the Flat Rock camping area, which is ideal for barramundi fishing or a leisurely stroll along the waters edge. Picnic tables and a BBQ make this the perfect spot for families and allow for some great time to be had.

When looking for a place to stay, be sure to check out the Charters Tower Tourist Park. Offering excellent facilities and large green trees, which are ideal for those hot summer days, this park is the ideal place to relax in before you head back to the real world. Charters Towers will draw you in for many reasons, and not just because it is such a beautiful inland city. The architecture here will blow you away and the surrounding landscape is equally as magnificent. The friendliness of the locals, their food, music and company will make you feel right at home and bring you a sense of peace and serenity. Be sure to bring your fishing rod, your camera and a sense of discovery to enjoy everything Charters Towers has to offer.

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