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Rock Into Rockingham
rockinghamPerth has often been regarded as the most isolated city in the world but this tends to imply that it is a lonely city in the middle of nowhere, far from civilisation and any other vestiges of humanity. This idea is actually very misleading because Perth['s surroundings will leave visitors spoiled for choice because in no matter which direction you travel, you will be met with intriguing and diverse destinations that are ideal for in-depth exploration and discovery. While in this area, you should definitely take some time to discover the beautiful coastal centre of Rockingham, as is located less then an hour from the capital city. This town is home to some outstanding scenery and will simply take your breath away.

While Rockingham isn't lacking in beautiful sights and landscapes, the best of these are no doubt the stunning beaches. The main beach is Rockingham beach, a white expanse that borders the smooth waters of the Cockburn Sound. The great thing about this beach is that it does not attract too many crowds and you will actually find your very own space of sand and sea to enjoy. There is a wide, concrete cycleway running up its length that will please exercise junkies, and on the grassy foreshore there are a number of picnic and BBQ areas which contribute to the family atmosphere of this beach. The beach runs all they way down to Point Peron, and below the point you will find Shoalwater Bay Beach, which is popular for those who like to travel with their furry four-legged friends.

Rockingham's most famous slogan would have to be "Your Aquatic Playground", and this is essentially because so much of the recreational activity here is water based. Diving and snorkelling are particularly popular here and it is really easy to hire the necessary gear, as well as other exciting equipment like jetskis and tinnies. Tinnies are the transport of choice for fishermen who frequent the bays, coves and beaches of the shoreline in the hope of catching some of the brilliant fish that call these waters home. Jewfish grow especially large, and are a popular prey. Fishing is also popular at Point Peron as it is home to lots of rocky features, while also bordering a large sandy bay. Pleasant for hiking endeavours, this place is great for adventures of all kind, all year round.

The few islands that lie off the coast are extremely popular amongst tourists and are perfect for a day of adventure. Penguin Island lies 700 metres off shore and is home to a colony of fairy penguins from March through to December. Australian Sea Lions also frequent this island, on your tour of the island which departs from Mersey Point just south of the township, you will discover exciting groups of these. Further offshore is the larger Garden Island, which is over 10 kilometres in length and has a shoreline which contains an exciting blend of beaches and bays. A haven for wildlife, be sure to look out for the native tammar wallaby while you are there.

If you are after a slice of Rochingham's history, be sure to head down to the Rockingham Museum. This museum is home to an extremely diverse collection of memorabilia that covers the early days of settlement and much of the Rockingham's history. Among this collection you will find a unique collection of regularly changed costume displays, that are sure to capture ur eye. Another popular museum in the area is the Granary Museum at the CBH grain terminal. This gives an in depth look at the history of grain farming and its importance to the region and to WA in general. Fully trained and experienced tour guides will take you past interactive displays, a theatrette, and reconstructed scenes of rural WA. And the great news is is that it's all for free!

The upbeat vibe of Rockingham will instantly draw you in and you will soon discover that this is a town that is clearly looking to the futur. Boasting stories of the past, present and future, a visit here will give you an interesting insight into the true essence of Western Australia!

Christine Barton

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