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Esperance: Secret No More!
esperanceDiscover the 'Secret South' of Western Australia as you journey along the length of South Australia's coastline, adjacent to the Southern Ocean. Often forgotten by the tourists, this masterpiece of Australian coastline is majestic in its own right and will draw you in from the moment you come across the first of its beaches.Stop and explore the fascinating attractions and settlements along the coast and you will soon uncover why this is one of the state's best kept secrets. Take some time to discover the coast's largest town, Esperance, which will introduce you to the pure beauty that you will encounter throughout the entirety of your visit here. There is so much to see and do here as it really is one of the best places in the country to appreciate the best of Mother Nature. Wide open spaces, picturesque landscape and stunning beaches will enchant an enthrall you and make you never want to leave.

Nestled on the calm shores of Esperance Bay, the beautiful town of Esperance is surrounded by endless miles of deserted beaches. If you are after a little privacy, this is definitely the place to come. No matter where you travel in this area, you are almost guaranteed to come across a beautiful beach on which you can relax, take it easy, and breathe in the fresh sea breeze. Watch in amazement as the kangaroos practically come right up to you, and bask in the sun as you enjoy the calm and serenity that makes this place so special. The beaches here are among the whitest in Australia and are pleasantly contrasted with steep sand dunes and perfect turquoise waters. If you are in the mood for driving, be sure to make an attempt of the Great Ocean Drive, which takes you on a 38-kilometre loop past the best beaches in the region, including West Beach, Chapmans Point and Twilight Beach. Surfers will also be in heaven here as some of the country's best waves can be found along the shorelines here. Remember though, that this is the Southern Ocean... things can get a little chilly in there!

The Great Ocean Drive will also take you past the Pink Lake, which is quite a talking point of the region. The lake is literally pink, and depending on the weather conditions it can also become a brilliant shade of purple too. This stunning colour can be attributed to the high concentrations of salt tolerant algae in the water. The salt here is actually 99.9 per cent pure, and is harvested and transported around the country. Pink Lake is an ideal place to spend a night or two while in the region, and the numerous camping ground will make it easy for you to settle in and feel right at home.

Just off the coast of Esperance you will find the Recherche Archipelago, known as the largest group of islands in Southern Australia. This group consists of 105 islands that span a total of 270 kilometres. While many of this islands do not allow human access, there are a few that will invite and welcome you with open arms. Woody Island is easily accessible and is popular with tourists as a wilderness retreat. It is a truly beautiful spot, with that sun soaked atmosphere typical of tiny island holidays. Day charters can be taken out to the island and if you fall in love and wish to stay longer, then a safari hut set amongst the native plants is your choice of accommodation, complete with views over Shearwater Bay!

As mentioned earlier, Esperance offers the best of nature and this becomes perfectly clear through the beautiful National Parks that are nestled nearby. Cape le Grand, Stokes and Cape Arid are among the most picturesque National Parks in Australia and will do far from disappoint. While all three are worth a look, Cape le Grand comes as the most recommended. The park is positioned right near Lucky Bay, which has actually been voted the 'whitest beach in Australia'. If the season is right you may just see pods of whales surfacing off the coast with their new born young. The Park is only 50 kilometres east of Esperance, so it is very easy to access and definitely worth a visit.

The town of Esperance itself has everything you would have come to expect from a seaside settlement. It boasts a small-town country feel, and the people are extremely friendly, and will make you feel right at home. Its surroundings are simple awe inspiring, with the beaches alone a good enough reason to visit here. Other attractions such as the Recherche Archipelago and the nearby National Parks, will make your holiday even more enjoyable and you may never want to leave. Esperance is like the cherry on top of the cake... the mouth watering finale to your foray into Western Australia's 'Secret South'!

Christine Barton

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