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Daylesford: Australias Spa Capital
daylseford spaSearching for a rejuvenation of the mind, body and soul? Yearning for complete physical indulgence, where every single part of your body is at rest and ease? Want to feel like a whole new person and experience a whole new lease on life? It may sound like one of those dreams you wake up from that felt so real, and this is probably because it can actually be a reality. Everything about the town of Daylesford and its twin town of Hepburn Springs seems too good to be true, but great news...it is! Known as the 'Spa Centre' of Australia, this magical spot is the ultimate destination for pampering of all kinds.It is a place where you can stay in boutique resorts, enjoy fine dining and get your body back into shape with some luxury spas and massages.

Enjoying a position above ancient volcanic basins, Daylesford is home to the largest concentration of natural mineral springs in Australia. The waters of these springs have leached minerals from the 450 million year old rocks. The minerals have intense healing powers and the locals recognised this and is now why it is what the whole economy here relies upon. Visitors come from far and wide to taste the pure mineral water or to relax in one of the 70 natural mineral springs in the region. The scenery will take your breath away. The town itself was built on a ridge 600 metres above sea level and is completely surrounded by beautiful mountains, including the Macedon Ranges, as well as a number of forestry reserves, parks and recreation areas. This is the ideal place to escape the rush of the city because it makes you feel like you are a million miles away from everything.

In the same taste as the curative powers of the mineral water, many natural health practitioners have also set up practices in Daylesford and the surrounding villages. These practitioners specialise in offering beauty products and holistic healing, and will play a key role in you beginning a new phase of your life. Spas will probably be the highlight of this transition and one of the most popular of these spas is the Hepburn Spa. Its vast range of relaxation therapy treatments and beauty treatments are unique to any others in the country and are essentially what have helped shape this industry.

If you can only take so much of the relaxation and rejuvenation and you want to get out in the wild and tackle some adventures, don't despair because Daylesford is sure to have something for you. Why not hire a row boat and go for a paddle on a lake that is literally surrounded by forests, with the Macedon Ranges acting as a backdrop. There are a couple of lakes you can choose from, but the most popular of these would have to be Lake Daylesford. Created in 1929, it is also a popular spot for fishing and picnicking and you can even enjoy a BBQ here. Finish off the day with a hike along the bush path that runs around the perimeter of the lake known as the 'peace mile' walking track.

To further your experience with nature, why not pay a visit to the Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens? These gardens were established in 1863 and sit on the top of an extinct volcano, which can easily be reached by traveling Central Springs Road. Step back into the nineteenth century as you are greeted with huge trees and a lush fernery. Visit the lookout tower or the numerous picnic areas, and if you are here in February or March be sure to give the begonia display a look.

Another special place to visit is the Lavendula Swiss Italian Farm in Shepherds Flat. Frolic in the beautiful lavender fields and marvel at the restored European stone buildings surrounding them. There is a fully licensed restaurant here that serves hearty meals made from the natural produce of the region so tuck in and enjoy yourself.

Fine dining will be another feature of your holiday here as the region is renowned for superb culinary and wine industries. Fertile soils and an ideal climate support two wineries and a number of farms whose produce finds its way into the numerous local award winning restaurants. However if your cooking abilities are good, keep your eye out for numerous roadside stalls where you can pick up some of this fresh produce and take it home for your own kitchen. TThe touring routes through the farms will take you past these, plus a number of other stunning lookouts and points of interest.

Your holiday in Daylesford will be one of pure relaxation and indulgence as this is region that prides itself on specialising in this. It is the perfect escape for couple wishing to rekindle lost sparks, for a girls group to enjoy a serious pampering, or for a family to sample the sights and sounds of the region. There are any number of accommodation options, from the budget to the seriously luxurious, ensuring you will have a roof over your head. Stay here as long as your heart is content and keep in mind that you can always come back and visit again.

Christine Barton

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