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Amazing Avoca
avoca beach fishHome to brilliant blue waters and a rugged and diverse coastline of white sand beaches, Avoca Beach is the ideal place to visit if you wish to kick back, relax and enjoy yourself. Situated in the heart of the Central Coast of New South Wales, Avoca Beach can be found just 100 kilometres north from Sydney, and is the perfect place to escape to if you are after sun, sea and surprises.

Avoca Beach is ideal for families, couples and tourists because there really is something here for everyone. Beaches, lakes, lookouts and art galleries can be found around every bend of the road and accentuate the beauty of this hidden paradise. As you journey through the hills a little inland, you will find a solitude and serenity that is only disturbed by the abundance of birdlife that can be found here.

One of the first things you obviously have to explore here is Avoca Beach itself. Enjoy long walks along the beach, while absorbing the natural beauty of the area, or dust off your fishing rod and prepare to catch some big ones. Once you have absorbed the entirety of the outside atmosphere here, head to the local lifesaving club to enjoy some beautiful fresh seafood, while taking in the innocently pristine views.

While walking around this region is an extremely enjoyable task, relaxation will also appeal to you through the option of lazing on the sand, soaking up the sun and enjoying the invigoration of the surf when you need to cool down. It can also involve you watching the abundance of surfers that flock here because no matter what beach you are on, there are sure to be some out their battling the waves.

One of the most well known spots in the area is Copacabana Beach. This tropically named beach is well worth the visit simply because of its tropical appeal. Another added bonus is the fact that it is patrolled, meaning it is ideal for swimmers and surfers alike. Another popular spot for families is MacMasters Beach, which is nestled right in front of Cockrone Lagoon, which is ideal for paddling and water play among the children. It is an ideal spot to set up camp and head around the beach for a lengthy and captivating walk.

Take a step back, slow down the pace and pay a visit to the lovely Avoca Lake to enjoy a picnic lunch that will put you back in touch with the wonder of nature. The Avoca Drive Bridge splits the Lake into two, making it feel as if you are among two lakes. This place is the ideal alternative if you are looking to avoid the crowds, enjoy fresh, calm waters and to throw a frisbee.

The Captain Cook Lookout is truly sensations and is a must see, if you are seeking unparalleled views of the stunning coastline. It is easily accessible via First Point headland, and the walk is suitable for all fitness level. Once you reach the lookout itself, you will be rewarded with majestic views of Avoca Beach and the rest of the rugged coastline.

Seeking a little culture? A keen art lover? Why not pay a visit to the Avoca Art Galley? This brilliant gallery is home to a large collection of local artworks and handicrafts that are on display for your pure enjoyment. If you wish to inspire your artistic flair a little further, take a trip out to Gallery460, which is nestled on an eight hectare sculptor park.

When searching for a place to stay here, you really can't go wrong with the Avoca Beach Caravan Park.. The park is easily accessible and sits only a few streets from the beach at The Round Drive. If you head a little further along the coast you will come across more fantastic places to stay and explore. Heading further north will take you to The Entrance, which is host to thousands of tourists flocking to its waterways, restaurants and diverse accommodation parks. Whether you choose to base yourself here, or explore Avoca, Terrigal and the surrounding coastline, you are sure to find something amazing to do.

For many of us out there, the ultimate holiday destination usually includes a combination of sun, surf and beautiful surroundings. Avoca Beach encompasses all of the items in the checklist and it marks just the beginning of what will ultimately be the adventure of a lifetime in the Central Coast. The Central Coast offers natural beauty and wildlife which is hard to equal anywhere else, and once you have visited once, you will be begging to be coming back for more.

Christine Barton

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