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Bushwalking In Western Australia
bushwalking waThe beautiful state of Western Australia is most famous for its brilliant wildflowers, and is ideal for a walking/driving holiday. There are a large number of parks just begging to be explored, and they are all close to the capital city of Perth. All you need to do it be sure to plan ahead, bring some suitable maps and good walking shoes, to ensure you have the a trip of a lifetime.

As Western Australia covers close to a third of Australia's geographical area, you can be certain that there is a lot of walking to be done here. Most of the tracks in this part of the country consist of desert and remote, wilderness regions, meaning you will get somewhat of an outback experience. Most of the suitable and most attractive bush walks are located in the south western corner of the state, along the coastline and within easy driving distance from Perth.

Surprisingly, there are fewer national parks here then in any other state of Australia, but don't despair because there are still a lot of other amazing walks. One of the most popular of these is the Bibbulum Track which is an extraordinary 960 kilometres and spans the coast from Kalamunda through to Albany. This track is best attempted in segments, yet there are some people out there who do attempt the whole thing and are rewarded with a peaceful yet exhilarating experience.

The Cape to Cape walk is another favourite, and begins at Hamelin Bay, spanning to Cape Leeuwin in the south west corner of the state. I encompasses some simply breathtaking coastline and is a lot more achievable at 29 kilometres. This is an enjoyable walk suitable for most fitness levels and is definitely worth an attempt.

Another breathtaking walk is the Tree Top Walk, which is location withing the Valley of the Giants at Walpole. The walk is nestled 400 metres above the ground and will take you on a journey through the tree tops. This walk is just spectacular and is perfect for the fit and adventurous. Another great walk close by is the Mt Bruce Summit Walk in the Pilbara region. Taking around 6 hours to journey along, it will show you some of Western Australia’s most beautiful scenery.

With many of the walks located hundreds of kilometres apart, you really do need to plan your itinerary ahead and include the walks you really want to do. Close to 600 kilometres north from Perth you will come across the Murchison River which offers a lovely gorge walk. Journey another 500 kilometres and you will find the Pilbara region, which also has some stunning walks that wind through incredible gorge systems. Further north is too remote to be accessed in a campervan and you really will need a four wheel drive to continue on. There are many walking tours in this region which are popular so it will definitely be worth it.

Spanning a distant of almost ten kilometres, the Narrows Bridge and Causeway offer a great walk. It is especially popular at night as it will allow you to experience the glittering city lights. Along the beach is one of my favourite walks, from Fremantle to Hillarys and taking in all the coastal beauty that Perth has to offer. It stretches along 20 kilometres of pristine coastline and is suitable for any fitness level.

Kings Park is the closest park adjoining Perth, and consists of a circuit walk that tales in panoramic views of the city and Swan River. There are also a number of interesting trails taking in the sights of the lovely botanic gardens. About three kilometres east from Perth are a few more scenic parks and gardens found throughout the Burswood Park walk. Eleven lakes are scattered along the walk, guaranteeing you an an abundance of birdlife and beautiful scenery.

The upper Swan Valley has some incredible sights, and is located just 30 kilometres north east from Perth. Here, the Hillside Trail will show you the best that this region has to offer. Pack a picnic lunch and head out for the day to enjoy this lovely spot. Trekking in Western Australia is an experience that is hard to match. There are walks for nearly every fitness leveland a unique diversity that allows you to stay for as long as you wish and do all the walks you set your mind to. Head up north to Broome and walk the coast, or south to the forests and rivers that are equally breathtaking. Wherever you go, you will be destined to experience colour, beauty and plenty of space.

Christine Barton

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