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Crossing The Kalbarri
kalbarri waThe beautiful Kalbarri National Park is positioned between the towns of Exmouth and Geraldton. This is one of the most spectacular destinations for a relaxing holiday on the beach, with a unique combination of adventure and the rugged beauty of the adjoining gorges and bushwalks of the national park. The drive from Perth will take you around five or six hours, but the long coastal stretch is extremely enjoyable with so many beautiful places to rest and enjoy the views.

The winding Murchison River demonstrates some magnificent scenery, and there is an unbelievable abundance of bird and marinf life to enjoy. The Karbarri is an ideal places for a holiday, with just so much to see and do.

If you are planning a holiday here, the best time to visit would have to be between September and November, as the wildflowers are prolific and temperatures are lower. It can get rather hot here from December to March, and the autumn months of April to May bring with them a cool, pleasant change. The winter months bring rain June through July.

Once you have arrived, it will be hard to decide where to begin. First things first, is finding a place to stay. One of the best places would have to be the Murchison Caravan Park, which is nestled in central Kalbarri and offers great views of the Murchison River as well as the Indian Ocean. Once you have settled in, there are plenty of short walks around town that you can enjoy, that will also allow you to get to know the locals before you head further out.

Most of the year fields of wildflowers sweep through the national park. With so many species to choose from, you could spend an entire day marvelling at their beauty.

The best thing to do here is sit back and relax and enjoy the solitude of the beach. There is also the option of hiring a boat for some fishing or to explore the river. There are all types of water sports available here or alternatively you can grab a book, find a private spot and keep your eye out for whales and dolphins which frequent this area. An excellent idea is to hire a push bike and ride along the coastal road to enjoy the scenery up front. Then enjoy a swim in one of the picturesque bays. The pelican feeding at dusk is also extremely popular for locals and tourists.

The majestic coastal gorges have to be seen to be believed because they are simply magnifcent. The most amazing is the Natural Bridge and Island Rock, which is now a sea stack standing alone and surrounded by the ocean. Rainbow Valley is another wonderful place and is named for its beautiful colours from the compacted sands and silts. Eagle Gorge offers a fantastic beach below, and Pot Alley and Shellhouse are all equally as mesmerizing with panoramic views. Spreading for miles along the coastline is Red Bluff, which are rugged coastal cliffs that seem to go on endlessly, creating a spectacular vista. There is also a two hour walking trail from Mushroom Rock which is popular with tourists.

For a great day out, pack a decent picnic lunch and experience some of the inland gorges of the Kalbarri which are easily accessible by campervan. Nature’s Window, aptly named for its sheer natural beauty, is a natural rock arch which is a great place to stop and soak up some spectacular views. Hawkes Head Lookout has impressive views of the gorge and if you are wanting to take a dip in some refreshing rock pools, the Ross Graham lookout will be ideal. Venturing deeper into the national park you will see why this region has been protected so carefully. Its preservation is vital so that travellers can enjoy its treasures for years to come. Be careful as some of these roads are not sealed so check in town before you head out.

You won’t want to leave the Kalbarri paradise because its wonder and beauty will capture your heart. Its spectacular scenery is some of the best in the world, and can be enjoyed from both land and sea. You will return home feeling refreshed and invigorated by the incredible views, bush walks and activities offered here. Kalbarri promises an amazing holiday and is fantastic as a weekend getaway or a destination in itself.

Christine Barton

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