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Magnificent Mornington
point lonsdaleThe Mornington Peninsula is a true water wonderland, as it is home to a vast number of beaches, bays and harbours. It is the ideal place to visit for lovers of water sports because you will feel right at home here with plenty of surfing, fishing, scuba diving, boating and, of course, fishing. This is one of the best tourist spots in Victoria as it is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the ocean at its best.

The best way to get to Mornington is to start in Melbourne and travel just over 100 kilometres south until you reach the coast. When you arrive you will probably want to check out Port Philip Bay, which is very close by. Many travellers actually choose to stay here because it is right on the water and is just brimming with the peace and tranquillity of the ocean and its treasures. Mornington Peninsula National Park is like heaven on earth, because the miles of coastline and beaches that cannot be compared to many others in the world. This place is ideal for swimming with the bottlenose dolphins, which will make for an unforgettable experience that is unique to this stretch of water.

There are a number of incredible walks which take you past amazing scenery, cliffs and lighthouses. In Mornington, it doesn’t matter which direction you take because there is always a majestic view of the ocean, gentle waters of the bay, or the coastal hinterland. The climate here is wonderful all year round, which essentially makes this region a magnet for sun lovers around Australia.

Beaches are plentiful here which means that you can always be guaranteed an enjoyable spot as the ocean side is a direct contrast to the still waters along Port Philip Bay. The best place to see the bay would have to be from Arthurs Seat, which offers incredible views of the Peninsula right through to the city skyline.

Sorrento is regarded as one of the most popular and stylish seaside villages, and is well worth a visit. It enjoys a relaxed atmosphere and with the beach so close by, you can be assured that there will always be plenty of picnic spots close to town. You can enjoy sailing, boating, bushwalking, scuba diving and fishing here, and there are camping spots nearby, one of the most well known being Sorrento Village Campgrounds. One of the best attractions are the dolphin cruises, the Sorrento Museum and the coastal walks which are simply magical at dusk.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of beaches in this region. One of the most would have to be Frankston, which has long, sandy beaches which make it perfect for all types of water sports. Mornington has plenty of safe beaches around the bay harbour with fantastic lookouts at Schnapper Point.

Another great beach is located at Rye, and is home to a long jetty, playground and walking tracks nearby. It is a tradition by many locals to set up camp on the beach in this area and take the children on adventures to the wildlife park or horse riding along the waters edge. The kids will have the time of their life, while you simply relax and make the most of the glorious water views.

Flinders is another popular hot spot and has superb views of Phillip Island and Seal Rocks. It is also well known for its excellent fishing, Pelican Park Aquatic Centre, blow holes and incredible views of Bass Strait. Flinders is great for a stopover or a closer look at the abundance of wildlife, especially at night.

The beautiful Portsea can be found at the top of Mornington Peninsula and is definitely worth the drive up. It is an attractive stretch of coast with magnificent trees and coastline that the camera is a must for.

Nestled in the hinterland, there are wineries, orchards and fantastic art and craft shops at Red Hill. Famous for its monthly markets, you will uncover many hidden treasures here, even if it means picking strawberries at the berry farm. It will be an enriching experience to spend a few days here in the heart of this welcoming town.

Mornington Peninsula is the ultimate tourist haven, especially for those who need to get away and enjoy the natural wonder of the ocean, beaches and seaside towns. This is an ideal destination for both a weekend getaway or an extended holiday, because there really is nothing bad to say about Mornington.

Christine Barton

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