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Northern Highlands And The Great Lakes
northern highlands tasmaniaSome of the best campervan holidays can be had on the island of Tasmania. This state is home to some of the country's most brilliant scenery and fantastic roads, and those in central Tasmania are no exception. Rugged mountain ranges and breathtaking landscapes surround you wherever you go, making this an ideal place to visit for those adventurous at heart who want to get away to the remote places and find more of the beauty this state has to offer.

Essentially, the best way to experience the true beauty of the middle of Tasmania is to drive through it. The Great Lakes Region is close to Launceston and Devonport, making these cities great bases for your exploration of Cradle Mountain, Tamar Valley and the Northern midlands. It is easily accessible from the Bass and Lake Highways.

Step into another world, high above sea level, of plains and lakes left from the glacial age. Known as the Central Plateau, there is plenty of scenery but not as many inhabitants, with Bothwell and Deloraine being the only major settlements in this area. The highland region is brimming with things to see and do, with breathtaking scenery and plenty of stunning views to keep you entertained at all times. The fishing, history, bushwalking, caves and waterfalls will also give you plenty of reasons to stay a bit longer as they are perfect for any nature lover.

The south road is a must in this region, and it starts at Sheffield, which has majestic Mount Roland as a backdrop. This stunning route will take you through West Kentish and Roland through cattle country until you reach Mole Creek National Park. There are a few attractions along the way you could stop to look at, such as Lake Barrington and Mount Claude Lookout. Be sure to have your camera handy at all times as these are sights you will want to treasure forever.

Mole Creek is a little town that sits at the foot of the Western Tiers and is another must-see of the region. Trowunna Wildlife Park is located just up the road and is home to the Tasmanian devil, koalas, wedge-tail eagles and plenty of other wildlife. The town is known mostly for its abundance of limestone caves. Over 200 are known in the area, the most popular being King Solomons caves. These caves are a marvel of mother nature and simply cannot be missed.

The last stop before you reach the mountains, Deloraine, offers fantastic views and also plenty of art and craft shops. There are many colonial buildings to visit and a lot of history in this quaint town. This town is a perfect example of Tasmania's past and will capture your imaginations on many various levels.

As the road winds up through into the Great Western Tiers, the air becomes a lot cooler and as the road gets steeper. Once you are about 1200 metres above sea level you will discover the Great Lake lookout which will give you a sweeping view of Australia’s largest natural freshwater lake. This would have to be one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the country, as you weave through thick forests, past waterfalls and finally out to a gentler landscape towards Bothwell.

The town of Bothwell is literally at the end of the road, with some lovely historical features, most impressive being the local windmill,and a camping ground if you want to stay for a night or two. I highly suggest this as this place is just too beautiful not to spend some time lapping it up.

The fact that there is not a lot of accommodation to choose from is no deterrent when you have a home on wheels, and it is such an isolated part of the country that this is the best way to travel.

This stretch of the Central Highlands without doubt would be one of the most enjoyable and picturesque places to visit in Tasmania. The vast panoramic views, peaceful lakes and surrounding mountains make all ingredients for an incredible holiday destination for you and your campervan.

Christine Barton

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