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Devonport And Historical Towns
devonport ferry As the Gateway to Tasmania, the port city of Devonport is a must-see on any Tasmanian holiday. Devonport is home to the Spirit of Tasmania which is an essential to your holiday itinerary and will not leave you disappointed. Upon arrival in this lovely city you will be blessed with a wide array of attractions and adventures to discover, all of which will make you never want to leave.

The city of Devonport will welcome you with open arms and invite you to discover just why this seaside city and such a popular base for travellers to explore the surrounding regions. There is everything here a keen traveller could possibly want; from country side to beaches, mountains to forests and historical sites to heritage buildings, there is something here for everyone, with the possibilities for exploration endless.

In Devonport, you will immediately recognise the strong sense of Aboriginal culture that encompasses the locals. The local art centre depicts the indigenous culture and displays many examples of local creativity and innovation. The Tasmanian Maritime Museum further demonstrates this strong sense of history and culture and is home to brilliant maritime displays and a large number of model ships which will bring out the child within. Other popular museums include the The Don River Railway and Museum, which gives an interesting outlook on the steam train history of the area and will heighten the kids (and your) excitement.

For stunningly magnificent views, you simply cannot go past Mersey’s Bluff headland, which offers fantastic views of the city centre and the beautiful regions beyond. Tiagarra, which means ‘keeping place’ can also be found within this area and is home to over eighteen displays of Aboriginal rock carvings, with further demonstrates their immense connection with the land.

Historical buildings are enjoyed in abundance in Devonport and there is no better then Home Hill, which is located west of Devonport. This picturesque building was created almost 100 years ago and tells the intriguing tale of Devonport's past. Open to the public, you can enjoy the unique architecture and immaculate grounds at your own pace and leisure.

When it comes to places to stay in Devonport, you will not be disappointed. The Bay View Holiday Village offers stunning views of the Mersey River which runs through the very centre of Devonport. This is a great place to base yourself if you are keen to explore the entirety of the city! The Abel Tasman Caravan Park is the perfect place to relax by the sea, as is it located just 800m from the Devonport ferry terminal. Natural highlights such as Cradle Mountain are only an hour’s drive away, making it the ideal base for exploration of some of Tasmania's most beautiful natural attractions.

Driving inland from Devonport your first stop will be Latrobe which is also regarded as ‘Platypus Capital of the World’. This charming town is nestled on the banks of the Mercy River and is home to many enticing craft shops and beautiful tree lined streets. Definitely worth a stop!

Further inland Deloraine, will also welcome you with open arms, demonstrating a charm and history that is unique yet familiar. The Western Tiers mountain range looms in the background and they are most definitely worth a look at if you have the time.

Once you have explored the city limits of Devonport, leave the city life behind and take a trip out the stunning limestone caves. Out here you will also find about 3000 lakes which will simply take your breath away.

If you take a short drive slightly inland from Deloraine, you will come across several fishing hot spots. For all those fishing lovers out there, you will be in heaven here because the possibilities are endless. Choose to fish the waters solo or take a tour. Whichever you choose, you will be blessed with fish aplenty and will go home with many happy memories.

To continue your journey, why not take the drive out to the city of Burnie, which is most well-known for its waterfalls. Positions just west of Devonport along the Coast, this is an essential must-see while in the area The main natural attractions are Guide Falls, which can best be appreciated between the spring and winter months. For stunning views, take a walk up to the Roundhill Lookout while The Little Penguin Observation Centre, which can be found at Parsonage point, offers a fascinating look at penguins in their natural habitat.

National parks and breathtaking scenery capture your attention whichever way you turn and the region is, put simply, awe inspiring.

Christine Barton

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