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Traveling With Children

Campervan rental Australia is sure to be a fun experience, and taking the kids along for the ride will add to this adventure. Spending quality time with your children in your motorhome hire vehicle is sure to offer a holiday experience that will stay in your hearts and minds for years to come. However, there are few things you should keep in mind before you start to plan your campervan rental Australia holiday.

One of the most important things to work out before you book motorhome hire is whether the layout of it is going to be suitable for your children's (and your) needs. If your child is aged 5 years and under you will need to have a baby or booster seat fitted. Not all campervan rental Australia vehicles will allow for this, so this will be something you will need to think about when deciding on what campervan to book.

Still on this point, you should also consider if you want to have the children near you while traveling. Some campervans have seating for extra passengers at the front of the campervan, while others have it at the back. If your children are young, or if you are travelling with a baby, it is a nice idea to have them closer to you, so that you can not only spend time with them, but also keep a close eye on them.

Another important thing to consider while traveling with children in your motorhome hire is how you are going to keep them entertained. While some campervans come equipped with a TV and entertainment facilities, there are a few things you can bring along that don't make any noise and can keep them occupied for hours on end in a motorhome hire:

  • Pack plenty of toys (or as many as luggage restrictions for motorhome hire allow.)
  • Play games such as "I Spy"
  • Pack plenty of snacks. This should also reduce the number of stops you make in your motorhome while traveling.
  • Bring along game consoles, with head phones, and buy a few new games for the kids.
  • Pack some board games and colouring-in books.

Keep these few things in mind before you travel and you are sure to have a family holiday that will be enjoyable and remembered for a lifetime to come.

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