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Staying Overnight

A campervan will give you the freedom of a wide range of accommodation options. Deciding where to stay each night will involve finding either an available caravan park, a National Park that allows for camping, or even a free stay.

For a full overview about National Park camping, read our information about "camping in a National Park overnight".

Read our "Free Stay's Guide" to find out more about the rules effecting free stays.

Most campervan travelers in Australia choose to stay in a caravan park. Camper Australia caravan parks offer many benefits and we happen to live in a country that offers a huge variety of them.

Staying In Caravan Parks

Unlike the "free stays" option and most National Park camping, staying in camper Australia caravan parks will cost you money. However, most Australian caravan parks are very reasonably priced and offer the extras those free places cannot.

Camper Australia caravan parks allow you to gain easy access to electricity and water, which your campervan needs to function. This will let you recharge the batteries which are necessary for your onboard luxuries such as the TV and microwave.

Staying in a caravan park will also put you in close proximity to several other luxuries you may be missing on the road; toilets and showers. These, along with other park facilities such as BBQ areas, camp laundries and swimming pools and playgrounds for the kids, will give you a break from your camper and allow you to take care of the necessary (though tedious) chores of everyday life.

A caravan park will also give you the added bonus of safety. Rather than camping in a deserted area, you will be surrounded by other holiday go-ers who probably share the same travel interests as you. This security will ensure you sleep safely at night, waking up refreshed and rejuvenated for a new day of exploration.

Finding a Caravan Park

Now when it comes to finding a caravan park in Australia, your choices are very wide. Pretty much every town you come across in Australia has at least one caravan park. While some of these will allow you to turn up on the day/night you wish to stay, many of these will need to be booked in advance to ensure there are vacant sites available to you.

To find out more about Australia's best and most recognised parks, check out the following websites:

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Wherever you decide to stay, you are sure to leave with memories of an experience that will be among the best of your travels.

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