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Campervan Travel In The Outback

Australia is known for its big open spaces, its vast landscapes, its red centre and its wide range of campervans for rent. The Australian outback is a harsh environment, and can at times to difficult to navigate and drive through.

All motor home hire Australia companies place restrictions on where you can drive the rental vehicles within the country. This is merely a safety precaution, owing to the great unpredictability of the Australian weather and also to prevent damage to the motor home hire occurring.

As a general rule, motor home hire Australia vehicles cannot be taken on unsealed roads. While some older vehicles may be taken a maximum of 500m along an unsealed road, to reach a campsite, the newer vehicles are completely restricted from this.

If you are planning on travelling along a remote road to reach a secluded campsite, you will need to inform the rental company and obtain written permission. This is merely a safety precaution and it will also come in handy if something goes wrong while you are travelling along that road.

There is an exception to this rule: 4WD campervans for rent are allowed to travel on unsealed roads. However they may still be restricted from specified places in Australia.

Restricted areas of travel within Australia include:

  • Canning Stock-route
  • Lost City in Litchfield Park
  • Gunbarrel Highway
  • Old Telegraph Road section of the road to Cape York
  • Boggy Hole (Finke Gorge National Park)
  • Old South road from Maryvale to Finkea
  • The last 2 kilometres of the Lennard River Gorge road
  • The unsealed roads to the south and west of the Great Lake
  • The unsealed roads connecting Smithton and Zeehan
  • The back roads between Orford and Copping on the east coast
  • The unsealed C827 between Nunamara and Nabowla in the north-east

This list is not conclusive of the exact restrictions of each motor home hire company in Australia, but it does include the majority of destinations that most, if not all campervans restrict travel in.

If you are planning on tackling the outback, or traveling to some of Australia's more remote areas, and are looking at campervans for rent, you should always inquire before hand on where you will be able to take your vehicle. You may be surprised on where you can obtain permission to travel to.

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