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Money Saving Tips

Saving Money

Saving money on a campervan holiday will allow you to spend it on ways that will make your holiday even more enjoyable. Saving money is simple when it comes to booking a campervan holiday. The most important thing to do is plan ahead and book in advance.

By following these few money saving tips, you will have enough extra money in your bank account to really have a good time:

Ensuring that a campervan is booked under your name before you book your flights is a great way to save money ahead of time. If you happen to book your flights in a specific location and there is no vehicle or alternate vehicle available, it may cost you more to change your flights or change your entire travel itinarary or plans.

Plan Your Itinerary
  • Pay particular attention to travel distances. Ensure that you do not spend too much time driving and not enough time for sightseeing or resting
  • Find out the fuel economy on the vehicle of your choice and travel at a speed for optimum fuel usage
  • Choose a vehicle that is suitable for your requirements and budget. Check the fuel economy.
Depot Location

An important thing to find out before you book is where the depot locations for your campervan pick up and drop off are located. There are no airport pick ups or transfers from accommodation in Australia, therefore you will need to pre-arrange how you are going to get to the depot.

Branch Opening Hours

Ensure that you are aware of the branch opening hours as you can only pick up and drop off your vehicle within office hours. This may effect your flight details and could also have an impact on the length of your stay and your accommodation options.

Cost of Fuel

Finding out the cost of fuel in the area you will be traveling in before you start travel will give you a good idea of how much money you should budget towards this. Find the best priced fuel via fuel watch websites:

Grocery Shopping

While traveling in your campervan you may be tempted to stop at restaurants and take-away outlets for your daily meals, but if you are interested in saving money you should avoid this and simply buy food to cook yourself at the grocery store. Some grocery stores even provide you with 4c or 8c/litre discount vouvher for fuel, which can be used at their affiliated petrol stations.

Another useful tip is to do all this shopping in one lot, at a major chain grocery store. Avoiding smaller convenience stores in small towns will save you a lot of money and will ensure you get value for money.

Stress Free Packages

The stress free package is a great option for those who wish to travel "stress free". This package usually covers all the additional fees that are encountered on a campervan hire.

It is also good cover to have if there is damage to the vehicle (regardless if it is your fault or not), as you will be charged the agreed excess amount. The Stress Free Package reduces your excess to $0.

Pre-Plan Accommodation
  • Ring in advance to see if there is availability at campgrounds, especially during School Holidays and peak periods.
  • Don't spend time and money driving around looking for a place to camp.
  • Use the Discovery Free Stays Guide for campgrounds that are free or cost a small fee. The facilities provided at the grounds are on the guide.
Discount Vouchers

Discount Vouchers for holiday attractions, restaurants and accommodation are a great way to save money on any campervan trip.

At the depot at the time of pick up, campervan hirers will be given a welcome pack and travel wallet with discounts for local attractions and accommodations. These will come in very handy, especially for those traveling with family or in groups, and may end up saving you a lot of money.


Booking early will ensure you get your camper at the best possible price. Generally prices get more expensive closer to the time of pick up.

Some campervan companies even provide an early bird discount of 5% for any bookings made outside of 180 days travel.

One-Way Deals

If you are interesting in a one-way campervan hire you should also look into the price of the vehicle for both directions, compared to the cost of flying home. It may actually work out cheaper to drive the campervan back to its original location instead of flying back.

It is also handy to know that the "Stress Free Package" is inclusive of the one-way rental fee, so if you take out this package you could end up saving a lot of money on this (usually expensive) fee.

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