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Campervan Australia Free Stays Guide

Finding a free place to stay overnight in your motorhome rental is sure to be a bonus to your campervan Australia holiday. And the great news is, is that there are hundreds of these spread out across the Australian countryside.

First it is necessary to establish what 'free camping' actually means. Free camping generally describes camping that is without cost, or camping that incurs minimal cost. While you still have to pay the cost of your motorhome rental, you do not have to pay to stay the night in these "free stay" locations. The definition is broad and may refer to bush camping, staying at road side stops, and extended camping at remote locations such as beaches and state forests.

Free camping is of course opposed to using paid camping areas and caravan parks. These can end up costing anywhere from $15 upwards a night, equating to a large amount that will come directly out of your campervan Australia holiday fund.

Free camping sounds like a pretty good idea, but there are a few things to keep in mind before you commit yourself to it.

Motorhome rental vehicles have dual battery systems; one is used for starting the campervan and the other is used for internal appliances such as light, the fridge and the water pump. If these batteries are fully charged, they can last up to 12 hours, which means that you will be able to stay in places without hook-ups. However, these batteries will eventually need to be charged so you will have to find a suitable power source to make this possible.

Free stays come in handy, especially when the holiday funds are getting a little low. However, keep in mind that in most states, you cannot simply pull over to the side of the road in your motorhome rental and camp for the night. There are rules governing where you can park your campervan Australia, and it is a good idea to look into these before you head out.

Free camping has its many advantages, and these will become apparent almost immediately:

  • The possibility of escaping the crowds. Free stays are not as common as caravan parks, and not many people know about them, which means that wherever you choose to stay may be people and suburbia free.
  • It gives you a chance to get away from caravan parks that are normally located in towns and cities, and get back into nature.
  • Free stay locations are usually located in beautiful surroundings, creating ideal photo opportunities.

A campervan Australia holiday is a fantastic opportunity to see some of Australia's most breathtaking scenery and to visit some of its most unique towns and cities. Find free places to stay across this vast stretch of land will make your motorhome rental holiday even more enjoyable and will allow you to spend the money you save on things that will make your holiday all that more memorable.

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