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6 Berth Campervans

The 6 berth motorhomes for hire are the kings of the motorhome world when it comes to size. Ideal for large families, the 6 berth campervan is the largest vehicle on the market and is very similar to a home away from home.


Without a doubt the most spacious motorhome for hire there is, the 6 berth camper rental is well laid out, with reasonable sized dining and kitchen areas and easy to fold away beds.

With enough room for 6 people to live comfortably on board, this is one motorhome you won't be busting to get out of.

Sleeping Arrangements

Incorporating a combination of 3 double beds, or double beds mixed with single beds, the 6 berth camper rental is capable of sleeping up to six. One of these beds converts into table and chairs during the day, providing dining and seating space.

Many of the 6 berth motorhomes for hire have a bed over the cabin, which allows for more moving space on the base on the campervan. This also comes in handy for napping during the day.


All 6 berth campers for hire come standard with a fridge/ freezer, microwave and stove top (usually gas). Air-conditioning and heating is another standard feature.

All of these camper rentals also come with a TV and DVD player, while some even include a PS2 game console.

A shower and toilet is another added bonus that comes standard with these hire vehicles.

Depending on the standard of the supplier, you may also find added bonuses such as a GPS, MP3 player and high quality upholstery. These make the vehicle feel more like home and will add to the enjoyment of your holiday.


A 6 berth camper rental is suitable for six passengers, as it accommodates both seating and bedding arrangements for this many. Two people can fit in the driver's cabin, while the main cabin can sit up to 4 people.

6 Berth Campervan Suppliers

A 6 berth campervan is a great way for you and your family to see everything that Australia has to offer. With enough room for yourself and 5 other loved ones, you will be able to experience the joys of a holiday together as a large group.

Campervan companies that offer 6 berth motorhomes for hire include:

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